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“Everything I’ve ever purchased from you has been of impeccable quality and high vibration. You’re clearly a wonderful crystal custodian while they’re in your care and I’m so grateful for that: the ethics, the intentionality, the commitment to work for the collective that I feel from you through the crystals.” - K

“There’s something very special about the crystals in your shop it’s hard to put into words. I am just enamoured by the wand I purchased last month. So grateful you are bringing these beautiful treasures to their homes.” - BP

“Just wanted to let you know that I’ve been buying crystals since long time now and I get them from many places…The energy that your crystals had when they came is insane!!! Usually I clean them but I didn’t feel the need with yours. They had such a great vibration already!! Thank you.” - Liz

“Hi, I received my pink Lemurians in the post and I just wanted to let you know I’m thrilled with them. I can tell that you run your business with integrity as it was evident in the vibration that they carried (I didn’t need to cleanse them straight away). Deep gratitude and blessings, CR”

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