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S A C R E D    G E M S T O N E

Tools for raising your vibration,
helping you fulfill your dreams…

  H i g h   V i b r a t i o n   H e a l i n g   C r y s t a l s

  H a n d m a d e  J e w e l r y  &  W i r e   W r a p   A m u l e t s 

  S e m i p r e c i o u s   G e m s t o n e   C a b o c h o n s

Sacred Gemstone holds deep reverence for crystals and gemstones and their potential for use in self-healing and spiritual rituals. Gems have been honoured in ancient and tribal cultures for centuries, and used as amulets for strength, protection and healing. We aim to pass on these sacred traditions by sharing crystal tools and inspired healing crystal jewelry.

All of our jewelry is handmade with love and intention. Each stone chosen for its beauty and energy. All of our jewelry is made with .925 sterling silver and 14k goldfill.

The Sacred Gemstone collection of crystals, mineral specimens, raw and polished semiprecious gemstones and cabochons, are all sourced on our travels, and annual buying trips.





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