Quartz Formations

Quartz Crystal Formations

 Crystals are keys to portals, gateways to other dimensional realms, and libraries of ancient wisdom.

The varying formations of Quartz crystals and other natural crystalline minerals inform us on how to work with the crystal to access the wisdom stored within.


  • When working with these high vibrational Quartz crystal formations one is divinely guided and protected by light as long as one’s intentions are clear and pure and of the highest good for all
  • All of one’s thoughts and intentions during this sacred energy work is reflected back upon us
  • This information may not be consciously understood immediately and will reveal itself to you as you need
  • All is in divine timing
  • Trust that you will know what you need to know when you need to know it

 ~ Take only what resonates ~



  • Identified by a smaller crystal penetrating a larger crystal
  • Acts as a bridge between physical & higher self, inner world & outer worlds & a bridge between paths, dimensions, planes of existence
  • Tool for facilitating connection, bridging to other dimensional realms and communicating, channelling higher self & spiritual guides
  • Developing strong connection & understanding between teacher & student
  • A tool for Astral Travel, Astral Projection, Lucid Dreaming, initiation, magickal practices, meditation & energy work
  • Dedication to higher path & self-mastery



  • Identified by a 7 sided face opposite a triangle face in the termination of the Quartz crystal
  • 7 symbolizes connection to higher self
  • 3 symbolizes creative forces, and manifestation
  • This Quartz crystal formation assists in channeling information from your highest self as well as from spirit guides, higher realms
  • Consciously connect with the astral realms, receive guidance and important teachings, messages for you on your spiritual awakening journey
  • Develop your psychic abilities by working with this crystal as a tool for receiving intuitive messages as well as more subtle messages through heightened sensitivity to energetic frequencies and shifts in energy
  • This crystal, if you are drawn to it may be specifically for you to open a clear channel with your spiritual guides 



  • Identified by two symmetrical 7- sided faces of the Quartz crystal, with a perfect 3 - sided triangle face in-between them
  • Acts as a telepathic radio transmitter/receiver
  • Energetic communication device connected with the astral realms
  • Attune to this crystal and receive specific information and messages
  • Assists in developing psychic abilities
  • Communicating information you are sending and receiving through energetic frequency, sharing the knowledge received with the collective



  • Rare and powerful configuration of Quartz, where the faces of the termination have 3 7- sided/edged faces, each adjacent to a 3-sided/edged triangular face on both sides 7 3 7 3 7 3
  • If you are drawn to a trans-channeller Quartz crystal, you are ascending to a new stage in your spiritual journey and your calling has to do with channelling messages from higher consciousness
  • Attuning to this crystal will illuminate that which is your service to the Earth, your mission, to raise the vibrational frequency of yourself and others by sharing spiritual and holistic guidance
  • This crystal formation is a personal tool, sacred ally for meditation, and communicating with higher dimensional realms
  • This information will not be consciously understood immediately and will reveal itself to you as you need and the energy aligns



  • Identified by terminations/apex/point naturally formed on both ends of the crystal
  • Helps raise your vibration, clearing any negative energy
  • Exhibits in other minerals besides Quartz
  • Energy flows outward in either direction and inward in either direction, through both termination points of the crystal
  • Drawing light energy from source through both ends simultaneously and emitting positive light energy from source through both ends of the crystal
  • A constant flow of positive energy is cycling through the crystal, making it a useful tool for Chakra clearing, crystal grids and other energy healing practices
  • These crystals help maintain one’s energy field, and the energy field of a space a grid is applied to, keeping the flow of energy consistent, relinquishing stagnancy and clearing blockages
  • Wearing/holding a double terminated crystal creates a protective shield of positive light energy surrounding oneself



  • Other names include, Skeletal Quartz, Crocodile/Alligator Quartz, Jacare Quartz, Fenster Quartz
  • Identified by natural terminations covering the body and faces of an etched/layered crystal
  • Powerful healers, detoxifiers, and activators
  • Assists in overcoming emotional burdens, and releasing toxic negative entities, beliefs, habits and thoughts
  • Activates higher consciousness and aligning with spirit realms, integrating cosmic knowledge
  • Elestial etchings are stored light codes, cosmic light language and information from higher dimensions
  • Access past lives, ancestral lines, ancient origins, and cosmic connections, helping to understand your spiritual path and purpose
  • Unlock and access the information stored within the etchings and terminations and download this information, receiving cosmic spiritual upgrades as the information raises your vibration and activates your highest self
  • These crystals are tools for remembering and awakening to our mission to further advance the human consciousness and raise our vibrational frequency
  • Starseeds and Lightworkers are drawn to Elestial crystals to help them remember their mission here on Earth in this timeline 



- Etchings are found on minerals including Quartz, and Beryl. Etched Quartz are not uncommon

 The etchings are symbols naturally formed on the surfaces of crystals

- Codes of knowledge used in ancient healing temples

- The etchings and symbols bring forth relevant information to the individual at the moment of translation

  • Facilitating contact and downloading information from ancient civilizations
  • The individual working with the crystal will access the appropriate information for them at the time allowing them to access healing methodologies from the past that are within one’s skills and understanding
  • Useful as a personal meditation crystal for accessing guided messages from higher consciousness
  • Enhances clairsentience, providing the crystal light worker with a sense of knowing and clarity that one did not have prior to working with the etched Quartz
  • If you are drawn to an etched Quartz crystal you are in harmonic resonance with the crystal and no doubt it has messages for you, as the universe has brought it into your experience for your personal development and ascension
  • Etched Quartz crystals will provide the guidance needed for you on your spiritual journey fulfilling your highest purpose
  • These etchings are essentially maps, blueprints, glyphs, symbols, light language, geometric codes of sacred creation, specific messages, manuals, directions, symbols presenting on the crystal surfaces like circuit boards of data
  • Etchings and glyphs can also be light codes, tones, sound frequencies




  • Faden Quartz, pronounced Fahden, contain fluid or gaseous filled chamber(s) that appear as inclusions of white thread-like fibres running along the crystal perpendicular to the terminations, often double termination
  • Represents healing, resilience, strength and growth through adversity
  • Overcoming obstacles, facing fears, staying the course
  • Represents connection, aiding in connecting to higher self, others, the Astral plane, what you intentionally call in
  • Aid in focusing and directing your energy with intention
  • Aligning and holding connection to what you are attracting
  • Connection and attunement to another being, and can facilitate energy transfer between you and another
  • Can be used as a tool for Astral travel and exploring other dimensional realms
  • Tool for connecting with the unconscious and subconscious mind in hypnosis, meditation or dream state
  • Opens access to connecting with inner self and subconscious to reprogram old patterns and negative behaviours, beliefs and attitudes that are holding you back from realizing your full potential
  • Can be programmed to attract what you want in life to come to you
  • Tool for aiding in magickal workings, ceremony, evoking & manifestation
  • Beneficial use of Faden Quartz during Mercury retrograde, a helpful tool & ally for cutting through any challenges that arise through the transit




  • Identified by the shape/indentation in the crystal, left from a previous crystal
  • This is a key to secret knowledge, knowledge beyond what is stored within the physical crystal but can open and retrieve ancient sacred knowledge from the time and location in the Earth where the crystal was formed, including cosmic influences and connections to cosmic consciousness
  • The key is a bridge to higher knowledge, ancient wisdom of the Earth connected to cosmic consciousness and universal oneness
  • You can activate or unlock the key by pressing your finger pad, or thumb-pad into the key to initiate the downloading of information meant for you at that time
  • This process is subtle and energetic and is not necessarily felt immediately but will become known to you from within the deepest part of yourself, as truth, once it is integrated and you are ready to receive and utilize the information for highest good



  • Identified by an all natural tapered crystal wand, raw unpolished with termination
  • Personal tool for healers, Lightworkers, Starseeds and all spiritual and energy workers/seekers
  • Naturally formed Laser Quartz crystals were strategically (intentionally) placed in the Earth by other planetary beings, by thought projection, to help and expand Earth consciousness and provide the knowledge of self-healing abilities
  • Used as healing tools in Lemuria, Atlantis and ancient civilizations that were more spiritually advanced, and vibrated at a higher frequency, existing somewhere between 3d and 5d
  • Ancient civilizations used Quartz crystals as a bridge between dimensions and tools for storing information, communicating telepathically with others, other dimensional and planetary beings as well as the Earth and planetary bodies themselves
  • Etchings and markings on the laser Quartz crystals indicate records from use as tools in ancient Lemurian healing temples during times of Atlantis
  • These crystals were used in Atlantean times and were programmed by Sirius, beings from Sirius B star system, crystal healing knowledge was brought from Sirius to Lemuria
  • The energy of the laser is powerfully focused through the tapered termination - use this to direct the light energy to clear areas of negativity
  • Use as an energy healing tool to clear energy fields, open and clear Chakras and stagnant energies
  • Use as a wand to draw protective barriers around oneself, and around a room or specific space



High vibration Quartz crystals

  • Identified by the naturally occurring horizontal striations, ladder-like lines on the sides of the crystal
  • These lines represent records of information encoded during the time of ancient Lemuria, lost civilization
  • Cleansing and clearing negative energy & thought patterns
  • Accessing ancient knowledge, catalyzing energetic upgrades and expansion of consciousness
  • Remembering past in Lemuria, Atlantis and Starseed origins
  • Healing and understanding the past
  • Tool for spiritual, self-healing, meditation, energy work
  • Focuses intention and brings clarity to inner visions
  • Crystal energy tool for accessing higher consciousness and the Astral realms

    CHAKRAS: All




    • Identified by a prominent, five-sided face on the front of the crystal termination
    • Representing unity of 5 elements, Air, Fire, Water, Earth, Spirit
    • The manifestation of spirit in physical realm
    • Connection to the Goddess Isis & connection to Source energy
    • Channeling higher consciousness



    • Crystal exhibits "Phantoms", that show an imprint of the stages of growth of the crystal
    • Exhibits in other minerals besides Quartz
    • Often there are multiple stacks of phantoms of the crystal termination within, showing different stages of the crystal’s growth
    • The Phantom crystal has a record of an experience of multiple lifetimes here on Earth
    • Acts as a crystal of renewal, like a fountain of youth, it contains pure information of the Earth before it was polluted by human industry
    • Encourages remembering past lives and retrieving lost information about one’s ancestry
    • Initiate a meditative or hypnosis state, while holding the Phantom crystal for accessing one’s ancient origins and/or cosmic star origins




    • Found in Quartz, Ruby crystals, Beryl, Kunzite, Garnet, Topaz, Diamond and other minerals
    • Identified by a upward facing natural triangle shape on the face of the crystal
    • Can exhibit many raised triangles, or just one
    • Ancient wisdom has been programmed and stored within the crystalline form



    • Identified by a natural indented upside down triangle shape formed in one of the faces of the termination
    • Trigonic Record Keepers are rare formations which contain powerful energy and messages for those open to its vibration, acting as a bridge between the physical and etheric realms
    • Trigonic Record Keepers tune into the frequency of the realms beyond the 3D physical time/space reality, assisting one's transition to exploring other worlds.
    • Meditating with a Trigonic crystal can assist in astral travel, shamanic journeying, remote viewing and travelling to other dimensional realms
    • Trigonic Record Keepers provide access to ancient knowledge and healing wisdom from our ancestors
    • The perfect crystal ally to provide protection and guidance for those sensitive souls who wish to explore higher consciousness beyond the 3D physical realm



    • Identified by a naturally formed crystal termination that formed around a thinner crystal, forming a sceptre shaped crystal
    • A Sceptre/Scepter Quartz is  identified by a crystal rod, with a secondary growth of crystal to full termination, grown over the top of the smaller rod within
    • Natural Sceptre Quartz crystals are a fire element energy tool, wielding and balancing fire energy. harnessing creative forces and power for directing forces of energy.
    • These natural power wands, direct energy, balance, and harmonize polarities.
    • Sceptre Quartz crystals channel high vibrational energy, activating inner leadership, direction, taking action, and act as a catalyst for moving in a new direction.
    • Used in ancient civilizations and carried by the powerful leader, emperor, priest/priestess
    • Spiritual healing tool for self-empowerment, focusing healing energy, harnessing one's spiritual power
    • Energy moves through the base of the crystal and out through the termination
    • With a Sceptre the energy concentrates and expands in the Sceptre termination and is able to be directed to where the energy is needed
    • Tool for expansion after period of contraction, major transformation, healing, release
    • Tool for banishing, removing blockages, as well as amplifying, harnessing light energy for activating energy work, rituals


      STARBRARY QUARTZ (also see Etched Quartz)

      • Quartz crystals can store energy and information
      • Starbrary Quartz crystals are identified by markings, etchings, and symbols naturally occurring on the faces of Quartz crystals
      • Many Quartz crystals (and other types of minerals) exhibit etchings and markings, they are not uncommon, though some markings are exceptionally unique
      • They appear as geometric shapes, linear patterns, flowing lines, jagged etchings, triangles, circles, dots and lines, glyphs, doorways, portals, keys and all other etchings on the surfaces of these natural Quartz crystals
      • Starbrary Quartz crystals are essentially galactic libraries
      • The Crystal markings are encoded with records of information from other star systems
      • The appearance of these markings are cosmic programs of detailed information about the Earth, natural healing techniques, psychic & telepathic abilities, and how to raise our vibration to assist in the ascension from 3D to 5D
      • If you are called to a Starbrary Quartz crystal it has come to you for a reason and likely has information about your cosmic origins and your mission here on Earth in this timeline.
      • You can unlock this information through meditation, holding the crystal, gazing and tracing the markings with your fingers, and eyes, and working with the crystal to open the Third Eye and higher Chakras, opening channels to higher consciousness



      - Identified by a diagonal parallelogram slanting to the left

      - Activating portal to other dimensional realms, inner exploration, higher consciousness and connecting with cosmic consciousness, galactic families

      - Initiating change, transformation, shift in energy

      - Healing and releasing past cycles, Karmic ties, old wounds from past and from ancestral lines, past lives

      - Also See Window Quartz for more properties that apply to portal time-links



      - Identified by a diagonal parallelogram slanting to right

      - Activating portal to future dimensional realms of existence, exploring potential realities, receiving visions, gateway to highest path and purpose, illuminating the way for you to fulfill your mission

      - Initiating change, transformation, shift in energy

      - Also See Window Quartz for more properties that apply to portal timelinks



      • Identified by two or more crystals growing together, usually alongside each other
      • Twin soul crystal
      • Facilitates building relationships on all levels
      • Healing relationships (with self, with others, with spirit, faith)
      • Strengthening bonds & connections with loved ones near and far
      • Maintaining connection and communication with a loved one
      • Represents merging and union of beings, souls or ideas, as well as merging with highest self, guides and guardian angels



      • The c-axis of two crystals meet at an angle of 84°33’
      • This twinning is in the form of a V-Shape
      • Japan Law Twins are contact twins, as opposed to penetrating twins making these rare formations one of the only crystal twinning where both crystals are visible individually
      • These rare crystal forms have a deeply loving and compassionate energy & represent the same properties as mentioned in the Twin Quartz section above
      • Promoting healthy relationships
      • Representing support from the collective consciousness
      • Unconditional love, expansion, personal freedom
      • Activating your full power
      • Activating powerful unions where the strength combined is greater than the individual parts



      • Identified by a perfect diamond shape between two faces of the Quartz crystal termination
      • A Quartz crystal with a Window is a crystal for personal use
      • The window acts as a way to look within oneself and see oneself clearly from a higher perspective
      • Window Quartz crystals are beneficial for seeing personal situations in one’s life from a higher perspective and gain clarity and insight
      • Personal meditation crystal, hold and consult with window quartz - window helps gain access to internal guidance from higher self free from external  influences and ego desires
      • Gazing into the window can illuminate your true path or aspects relating to your highest path, and help you make decisions based on highest path rather than external influences
      • Working with this crystal, and looking within and gaining the clarity on your true self, helps to stop looking outside oneself or comparing to others
      • This crystal shows you a clear reflection of your true self, and spotlights the illusions and negative patterns in your life and to address them - initiating change, transformation, shift in energy
      • The four sided diamond symbolizes the balance of the elements, direction, physical and spiritual realms
      • Working with the Window Quartz crystal prompts balance, engagement and connection between the physical and spiritual realms
      • This balance and self-reflection strengthens the connection between one’s intuition and one’s understanding, grounding intuitive inner wisdom into one’s daily conscious awareness