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Your Intuitive Crystal Reading:

I tune into and connect with your energy and your guides, allowing messages to come through that are meant specifically for you at this moment in time. My intention is to receive and interpret intuitive messages to provide guidance for you.

You may provide your intention for the reading, one question or issue you are seeking further guidance on, or you we can do an open/general reading.

The crystal reading is done with a crystal card deck that I created, using my Crystal Portal Spread, a pyramid shaped spread with 7 card placements and 7 crystal recommendations.  


You will receive your reading in the form of a written report that includes:

✧ All of the intuitive messages that come through as I tune into and connect with your energy and guides

✧ A description of your Crystal Portal Spread, what the cards represent and the meaning of the placement of each card in the spread

✧ Healing crystals and stone combinations recommended for you and how to work with them 

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Please include your email and your intention for your reading, One question or issue you are seeking guidance on. Add your question (optional) in the checkout or email it to me at

You will receive your Intuitive Crystal Readings by email as a pdf file in 2-7 days. Each reading is personalized and written just for you. Written reports are 700-1000 words and sent by email as a pdf file.

All readings are non-refundable.

With Gratitude, 



I Offer Personalized Custom Crystal Grids Here: