Custom Crystal Energy Grid

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Custom crystal energy healing grid, intuitively created for you.

A Crystal Grid is a powerful way to work with healing crystals and your intention to manifest a desired result. 

I create your grid by focusing on your intention for the grid while tuning in to your energy, higher consciousness, and spirit guides. I am intuitively drawn to the crystals that work synergistically in combination and resonate with your energy and intention. 

Custom Crystal Energy Grid Includes:

✧ 7-12 crystals, 3 or more different types

✧ Information cards on the properties of each crystal

✧ Cotton drawstring pouch

✧ pdf description of your crystal grid and how to work with it

✧ Digital photo of your crystal grid layout that you can recreate at home


* Please include your email and the intention for the grid or what you'd like to work. You can add this in the checkout or email 


All custom Crystal Grids are one of a kind, designed for you and will not be recreated. All custom grids are non-refundable. 


With Gratitude, 


*Photo is an example of a custom grid