Lemurian Quartz and Ancient Lemuria

Lemurian Quartz and Ancient Lemuria
L E M U R I A N S   A N D   C R Y S T A L   H E A L I N G


Lemuria - crystal city - the ancient city built of crystalline light

The Lemurians were multi-dimensional beings.

Lemurians came to Earth from higher dimensions of pure love. They descended from the stars to inhabit Earth and maintain connection to star civilizations.

Lemurians entered the Earth plane through a portal in the vortices of Earth’s crystalline grid, which is a direct gateway to an intricate portal network connecting with star systems.

Many Lemurians originated from Sirius which is where crystal healing developed and was passed down to Lemuria, Atlantis and us. Lemurians integrated Sirian knowledge of harnessing light energy through crystalline forms, mostly Quartz, with 3d concepts and technologies. This allowed them to develop energy tools from crystals and use them to amplify their thoughts to create, manifest and build a 3d crystalline light city - Lemuria.

When the Lemurians descended to Earth they were initially light beings floating around with no sense of separation, only pure love and oneness. The Lemurians needed crystals in order to function in Lemurian consciousness while simultaneously existing on the Earth plane. The Quartz crystals helped them maintain their physical structure and their ability to exist on an energetic level - as light beings - simultaneously existing on multiple dimensional planes of varying vibrational frequencies. They studied what humans needed nutritionally, connecting these needs with the minerals, formed of basic elements within the Earth’s crust. This included the mineral realm: crystals and gemstones, specifically, which they found to be of the most highly organized energetic structures of geometric 3D matter.

Lemurians utlized crystals as thought form amplifiers, this is how they communicated and performed any action on Earth. Crystals were an extension of their Lemurian consciousness, an essential part of their being.

The Lemurians were highly advanced energetic beings who used extra sensory perception to feel and communicate with their surroundings on the 3D plane as well as on other dimensions. They found that Earth minerals in crystalline forms resonate with the Chakras - energy centres in each human being. This knowledge of the Chakra system and its affinity with minerals was integrated into their healing practices.

Crystals were used as light energy source, essentially forms of batteries that allowed the Lemurians to maintain a 3D and crystalline light body making them multidimensional beings. They were able to have physical human forms as well as preserve their crystalline light body through the use of Quartz crystals.

Quartz crystals were the Lemurians’ energy banks/batteries, generators, electrical wires, recording devices, sound amplifiers, lasers, planes, boats, satellites, cranes, excavators, dynamite etc, Lemurians used Quartz crystals as tools to perform various tasks, as keys to open doors or portals to other dimensions. They were used to communicate telepathically, sending thought and matter in form of vibrational energy across 3D time and space. This allowed for teleportation as their form of travel, as well the ability to move large heavy objects with the mind. T

The Lemurians built their crystal cities with their minds.

The power is in the mind and the mind connection to source and the minds ability to focus intention, the Quartz is a tool. A tool our Lemurian and Atlantean ancestors innately knew how to wield with precision and great skill.

They were also used to store information, coded within the crystals is the Lemurian consciousness.

This knowledge and these skills were stored within the Lemurian crystals for us now to discover and relearn here in this lifetime on Earth.

Quartz crystals were used by the Lemurians as healing tools. Tools to focus light energy through the crystal apex and direct the light energy to where healing was needed.  Sirians taught the Lemurians these healing techniques and how to work and manipulate energy with focused intention in order to heal and create matter from thought (manifestation).


W O R K I N G   W I T H   L E M U R I A N   Q U A R T Z

For the spiritual seekers, looking to elevate the self and connect to higher consciousness, these crystals are here for you.

With Lemurian crystals and your focused intention you can unlock the doors of consciousness, download coded messages of ancient past healing wisdom, and advance your sensory perception, awakening your inner gifts.

Lemurian Quartz are originally from Sierra Do Cabral mountain in the Diamantina area of Minas Gerais, Brazil. Lemurian Quartz have since also been found in Columbia, India, Madagascar, the Pacific Northwest and other locations.

A Lemurian Quartz crystal is identified by its ladder-like horizontal striations on one or more faces of a naturally formed crystal.

The striations on the Lemurian crystal are where these memory records are stored.

A C C E S S I N G   T H E   M E S S A G E S

Open these records by stroking along each individual horizontal striation. Begin with the first striation at the base.  Each striation or step on the ladder, is a separate record, like a book on a shelf in library of infinite knowledge.

 Take time to meditate with each striation or step of the ladder. Slowly work your way to the apex allowing time in-between each step for integration.

With focused concentration and an open heart, you will begin to receive downloads of these records and the codes imprinted in the crystal.

The information is integrated slowly into one’s energetic being, and is sometimes not felt or understood for some time.

The integration process is different for everyone. Trust this process with patience.

You can become aware of the newly downloaded information in many ways. It may be so subtle as it is something that now feels so natural to you that you cannot remember what it felt like prior to the download. This is because the knowledge was always there for you in higher consciousness, it is only with your intention through the Quartz crystal that enables you to unlock and activate this knowledge. It is a process of “remembering”. Once you know consciously, it feels as if you always had…

If a Lemurian Quartz comes to you and you hold strong resonance with this crystal you likely had lifetimes in Lemuria. It is possible that you programmed Quartz crystal(s) while in Lemuria for you to discover in this lifetime. You left them for yourself to help you remember your ancient origins in Lemuria and to unlock keys to your past that guide your current mission in this lifetime.

These crystals can elevate your self awareness, and enhance your natural healing abilities gifts and talents.

Lemurian Quartz crystals provide clarity to help you discover  your soul purpose here in this lifetime, and how you can help raise the consciousness of the planet.

Encoded in these crystals are keys to your transformation, awakening and ascension.

Unlocking the records stored within the Lemurian Quartz crystal you will find illumination and guidance on what is blocking you and what you need to release,.

Lemurian Quartz can be used as a healing tool/wand to focus light energy through the crystal termination and direct that energy with your intention to heal.

Lemurian Quartz crystals will activate your innate healing and empathic nature, expanding your sensory and extrasensory awareness through intuition.


R E M E M B E R I N G    S O U L   O R I G I N S

Lemurian Quartz crystals can be used to activate remembering and accessing your ancient origins. Connecting with your past ancestors in this life and in past lives, and retrieving lost information that can aid in karmic healing and releasing of intergenerational traumas.

Lemurian crystals can also help you to connect to Lemurian consciousness, possibly your own Lemurian origins as well as Sirius, Lyra, Pleiaides, Orion and other star systems.

Meditating and working with Lemurian Quartz crystals will open a gateway portal to remembering your soul family origins. “Remembering” triggers a revelation, of your soul mission on earth.

Be patient. You may not be consciously aware of the messages and energies from the crystal immediately. Everyone’s experience and perception is different and unique. Trust in the process and trust in your intuition, and trust in the Universe. In time, you will start to sense the knowing of new information from the crystal.

One tip is to write everything down. So any thought, feeling, sensation, word that comes to you while working with the crystal. Write it down while holding onto that thought/feeling and see if more ideas come to you. Write them down. Continue and you may be surprised with what you write. This technique is known as stream of consciousness or automatic writing, and is very beneficial when working with your dreams as well. Often times the information we receive from the crystal is stored in our subconscious that can come through in our dreams.

For those who have always been aware of a sense of displacement on Earth, a sense of loss and homesickness and like you don’t belong, Lemurian Quartz can help alleviate this feeling. You may feel this homesickness because you are a lightworker from another star system or ancient lost civilization. Use Lemurian Quartz crystals as a tool for connecting and communicating with your star family.


E T C H I N G S  &  H I E R O G L Y P H I C S

Some Quartz crystals and Lemurian Quartz crystals have etchings, markings, hieroglyphic codes on the surface of the crystal.

These are coded light language that can be used to communicate directly with the cosmos and beings existing in star systems in higher dimensional realms. The etchings facilitate contact with other dimensional beings while also acting as keys to records of ancient knowledge within the crystal.

T H E   C R Y S T A L   W I L L   C A L L   T O   Y O U

You will also find stored within the crystal, your gifts and talents needed to help serve the collective consciousness and raise the vibration of Earth.

Often you are brought into contact with a personal Lemurian Quartz crystal that is meant for you. You feel a strong resonance, possible dejavu like feeling and a deep sense of home when you meet this crystal. Within this crystal, programmed knowledge from Lemuria, and possibly from a past version of you who implanted the information in the crystal setting it as a Seed for you to find. Within the crystal is a recorded program of a particular skill or lesson that is necessary for you to learn and utilize to further the Earth’s consciousness and fulfill your mission on Earth as a Starseed Lightworker.  This crystal will help unlock your innate gifts and show you how to share them with the world for the benefit of all.


If you feel drawn to a Lemurian Quartz crystal do not turn away, instead heed the call of your highest purpose.

Chances are you have past lives as a Lemurian and innately know how to attune to these crystals. Pay attention to all messages you receive while working with Lemurian Quartz. Your guides are directing you through your intuition, dreams and visions, sending you messages about healing and your personal  journey. Focus on your intuitive awareness, subtle shifts in energies, synchronicity… these are all message from higher consciousness.


Crystal Blessings, 


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    Georgina crawshaw: July 03, 2021

    I am a lumerian subject and was a priestess in southern Russia helping fellow lumerians to settle on earth.This is my last time on earth .I am in my6th cycle in my 6th year..I have been asked by spirit. If I want to ascend to either to join my wife or go back to lumeria where a lot of people are waiting for me after being away for so long

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    Michele Gonzalez: July 01, 2021

    This is amazing. How can I communicate with you directly? I want to know everything!!!!

  • Author image
    Mojo Pasquali : February 01, 2021

    Thank you for sharing this lesson. I’ll be returning to study more as I spend time with my new crystal. Drawn to me at this raw time of need to tap and grow awareness of consciousness.

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    Arville: December 05, 2020

    Please i would like to know more about crystals,i feeling argued towards crystals whats the best book to learn from ,how to know the real crystals from the fake ones,i am liking your aite very much ,from canada side, how to know what crystal draws my energy towards it.

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    Martin Stephens : April 11, 2020

    Well this article was very helpful. My spirit guide (who might be a Lemurian, I know is an alien!) told me to find information about Lemurian crystal healing/ how their civilisation worked (that’s best way to describe) without reference to modern information, for instance, chakras. A tough task but with your writing I found portals, crystalline grid, building a crystalline light city amongst other good points to whet my appetite. Thanks.

  • Author image
    Georgia Lara- Lunch: November 30, 2019

    Glad i found you.

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