"Tidal" Gemstone Necklace

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One of a kind beaded necklace featuring natural Larimar, Moonstone, double terminated Herkimer Diamond Quartz crystals and freshwater Pearls.

Necklace is 20" with .925 sterling silver clasp and finishings.


Pearl represents beauty, resilience, purity and rebirth and renewal.


  • Connection to the Moon and Lunar cycle
  • Cleanses emotions
  • Intuition, Mystery
  • Protection During Travel

Chakras: Third Eye 6th

Moonstone and Pearl are the gemstones for June.


Larimar | Blue Pectolite

  • Cooling, calming
  • Soothes Emotional Body
  • Communication
  • Self - Healing

Chakra: Throat 5th


Herkimer Diamond Quartz

  • Found in Herkimer, New York
  • Purifying Spiritual Light
  • Expansion of Awareness & Consciousness
  • Sending & Receiving Energy
  • High Vibration Dissolves Energy Blocks
  • Clarity, Visions, Dreams

Chakras: Third 6th, Crown 7th