Lemurian Quartz Crystal Pendant

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Natural Lemurian Quartz Manifest Spirit Isis crystal handmade pendant in sterling silver.

Lemurian Quartz from Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Pendant measures approx. 2 1/4" x 1/2"

* Chain sold separately


Lemurian Quartz

High vibration Quartz crystals

  • Exhibit horizontal step-ladder lines on the sides of the crystal
  • These lines represent records of information encoded in the Quartz from ancient Lemuria
  • Cleansing and clearing negative energy and thought patterns
  • Spiritual Tool for Self-Healing & Empowerment
  • Drawing in divine healing light
  • Accessing ancient knowledge
  • Remembering your past in Lemuria, Atlantis and Starseed origins
  • Healing and Understanding One’s Past
  • Focuses ones intention and brings clarity to inner visions
  • Crystal Energy tool for accessing higher consciousness

Chakras: All


Manifest Spirit - Isis Quartz Crystal

  • Identified by a prominent, five-sided face on the front of the crystal termination
  • Representing unity of 5 elements, Air, Fire, Water, Earth, Spirit
  • The manifestation of spirit in physical realm
  • Connection to the Goddess Isis & connection to Source energy
  • Channeling higher consciousness