Crystal Energy Grid: “Protection Shield”

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Crystal Energy Grid: “Protection Shield”

I am protected in a bubble of light, shielding me from any thing that may cause harm to myself or others.

Intentions for Grid:

  • Dynamic and effective crystal grid formation & crystals for protection.
  • Activating this grid holds a light bubble, protective shield around your body/mind/spirit and your space.
  • Ward against evil eye, curses, negative entities.
  • Repel and return to sender all negative thought forms and attachments.

Grid Kit:

  • 3x double terminated Tibetan Quartz (centre crystal is Elestial and double terminated)
  • 2x Black Tourmaline crystals from Erongo, Namibia
  • 2x Amethyst crystals from Vera Cruz, Mexico
  • 6” wood circle for base of grid
  • This grid is one of a kind with high grade hand-selected natural crystals, you will receive the exact crystals in the photos

Crystals/Stones and Their Meanings:

Black Tourmaline

  • Protects & repels negativity
  • Grounding to earth energy centre
  • Promotes emotional security


  • Stone of spiritual awareness
  • Stone of protection
  • Aids in meditation
  • Relaxing energy
  • Relieves stress, tension
  • Clears negative energy

Tibetan Quartz

  • High spiritual attunement
  • Alignment with higher self
  • Raises vibration while grounding and connecting to Earth
  • Provides spiritual protection, grounding and clearing negativity
  • Keep in a space to cleanse & purify
  • Use as a protective energy grid

Creating & Activating The Crystal Grid:

✧ These crystals have been cleansed and dedicated for your highest good

✧ Choose a sacred space for your grid where you can meditate, set your intentions, and ask for guidance

✧ Create a clear, focused intention and write it down

✧ Lay out the crystals on the wood base while holding your intention

✧ As you arrange the crystals in the grid formation (or any formation you feel called to create) you are activating them

✧ Seal the grid by stating your intention

✧ The Crystal grid is now dedicated and activated and will hold its programmed intention until you clear it or dismantle the grid.

✧ You can sit with the grid in meditation whenever you feel called to.

✧ As your energies resonate your vibration raises and so does your awareness of higher energy, enhancing your intuition and connecting with the Universe

With Gratitude,


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