Crystal Energy Grid for Spiritual Protection, Serenity & Peace of Mind

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Crystal Energy Grid for spiritual protection, serenity and peace of mind. Deeply relaxing, tranquil energy washing over your senses, and calming the nervous system.  Offering spiritual and psychic protection. Creating a purified and safe energetic space for spiritual work and exploring consciousness. Work with this grid layout for meditation, deep breathing helping to release tension, worries, intrusive thoughts and letting go all that you can’t change or control. Cultivating a feeling of inner peace, calm unburdened state of stillness.

Affirmation: I am relaxed and calm, all tensions are released from my body and all worries are released from my mind. I am safe, protected and at peace in my mind and body.

Grid Includes:

  • Amethyst crystals from Vera Cruz, Mexico x2
  • Lemurian Quartz crystals from Colombia x6
  • Grape Chalcedony/Amethyst from Indonesia x2
  • Lepidolite from Brazil x4
  • Purple Apatite from Pakistan x3
  • Super 7 from Brazil x3
  • Garnet from China x1
  • 6" wood circle base for grid

Creating & Activating The Crystal Grid:

✧ These crystals have been cleansed and dedicated for your highest good

✧ Choose a sacred space for your grid where you can meditate, set your intentions, and ask for guidance

✧ Create a clear, focused intention and write it down or use the affirmation/intention stated above

✧ Lay out the crystals on the wood base while holding your intention

✧ As you arrange the crystals in the grid formation you are activating them

✧ Seal the grid by stating your intention or the suggested affirmation/intention written above

✧ The Crystal grid is now dedicated and activated and will hold its programmed intention until you clear it or dismantle the grid

✧ You can sit with the grid in meditation whenever you feel called to

  • As your energies resonate your vibration raises and so does your awareness of higher energy, enhancing your intuition and connecting with spirit guides


Crystal Properties:


  • Stone of spiritual awareness
  • Stone of protection
  • Aids in meditation
  • Relaxing energy
  • Relieves stress, tension
  • Clears negative energy

Chakra: Crown 7th

Purple Apatite

  • Deep cleansing energy
  • Clearing emotional, mental fog & debris
  • Cooling, soothing
  • Connection to breath
  • Flow state
  • Harmony, balance

Chakra: Crown 7th

Grape Chalcedony

  • Gateway to higher realms
  • Enhancing intuition & psychic abilities
  • Spiritual wisdom
  • Guiding your highest path
  • Raising vibration, helping others raise their vibration
  • Harmony, justice, peace in groups & relationships

Chakras: Third Eye 6, Crown 7


  • Deeply calming, serene energy
  • Helps balance mood
  • Eases anxiety & stress
  • Emotional release, cleansing, healing
  • Aids in healing from trauma

Chakras: Heart 4th, Crown 7th

Lemurian Quartz Crystals

High vibration Quartz crystals

  • Identified by the naturally occurring horizontal striations, ladder-like lines on the sides of the crystal
  • These lines represent records of information encoded during the time of ancient Lemuria, lost civilization
  • Cleansing and clearing negative energy & thought patterns
  • Accessing ancient knowledge, catalyzing energetic upgrades and expansion of consciousness
  • Remembering past in Lemuria, Atlantis and Starseed origins
  • Healing and Understanding the past
  • Tool for spiritual, self-healing, meditation, energy work, magick & ritual practices
  • Focuses intention and brings clarity to inner visions
  • Crystal energy tool for accessing higher consciousness and the Astral realms

Super Seven/Sacred Seven/Melody’s Stone

7 mineral varieties: Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Smoky Quartz, Cacoxenite, Lepidocrocite, Goethite, Rutile

  • Tool for Spiritual Awakening & Raising Vibration
  • Assists in ascension and eases self when dealing with rapid shifts in consciousness, connecting to higher consciousness
  • Live in harmony, letting go of negative thought patterns
  • Powerful healing crystal tool for removing energetic blockages
  • Offers grounding and protection

Chakras: All

Red Garnet

  • Clears and opens to receiving abundance, prosperity
  • Love & compassion
  • Self-worth, self-respect and valuing your innate gifts
  • Comfort, support and stability
  • Uplift emotions
  • Balancing, harmonizing polarities
  • Grounding, stability
  • Manifestation

Chakras: Root 1, Sacral 2, Heart 4th


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