Grape Chalcedony and Kunzite Crystal Pendant

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Grape Chalcedony and Kunzite crystal pendant handmade in sterling silver.

Pendant measures approx. 2" x 1"

*Chain sold separately


Grape Chalcedony

  • Opening gateway to higher realms
  • Enhancing intuition & psychic abilities
  • Spiritual wisdom
  • Guiding you on your highest path
  • Raising vibration, helping others around you raise their vibration
  • Harmony, justice, peace in groups & relationships

Chakras: Third Eye 6th, Crown 7th



  • Deeply relaxing, calming mineral
  • Instills inner peace
  • Emotional healing, releasing trauma
  • Self-love
  • Divine unconditional love
  • High vibrational heart healing and opening

Chakra: Heart 4th