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  • Totem Animal Intuitive Reading

Totem Animal Intuitive Reading

$44.00 CAD

Totem Animal Intuitive Reading

With the wisdom of the Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams and David Carson as my tools, I intuitively discover your 9 Totem Animals, and which direction they are in your Totem. 

I open to higher channels and connect with your energy and guides, then shuffle the cards and wait for the right cards to fall out.

The first seven represent the 7 Directions:

East, South, West, North, Above, Below, Within.

The 8th and 9th represent the Right Side for Masculine energy and Left side for Feminine energy. The right and left side Animal Totems walk alongside you always.

By discovering your 9 Animal Totems, you can gain insights into understanding your path through your gifts and talents as well as recognizing some challenges you will face along your journey.


Your Reading Includes:

  A .jpg photo of your Totem Animals card spread

  A PDF of your reading including a detailed chart of the 9 Totem Positions, their meanings, your 9 Totem Animals and their meanings and symbology

  Characteristics of each animal totem, lessons they impart, challenges they bring up

  Any other intuitive messages that come through for you


We connect with many animals throughout our lives, and some come to us at different times for different reasons. 

Please include your email address along with a list of any animals you feel a significant connection to. If any animals on your list are not already a card in the Medicine Cards deck I will include them on blank cards to see if they are intuitively chosen for a position on your totem. 

If the animals on your list don't come up in the reading, they may have come to you as Animal Spirit Guides as a messenger and helper to help you through a specific time. They may also be a Power Ally, your power animal, guide and teacher that connects you with the power of Earth Mother and All That Is.

With Gratitude, 


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