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Tangerine Quartz Double Terminated Bridge Crystal

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Natural Tangerine Quartz crystal from Minas Gerais, Brazil. Double terminated crystal with bridge crystal.

Approximate dimensions:

Length: 40mm

Width: 20mm

Thickness: 14mm


Tangerine Quartz

  • Passion
  • Creativity, inspiration
  • Motivating decisive action towards goals
  • Aids in overcoming limitations and fears
  • Stimulating energy
  • Fire element

Chakra: Sacral 2nd


Bridge Quartz Crystal

  • Identified by a  smaller crystal penetrating a large crystal
  • Acts as a bridge between the physical self and higher self
  • A tool for facilitating bridges to other dimensional realms and communicating, channelling spirit
  • A tool for Astral Travel, Astral Projection, Shamanic Journeying and Lucid Dreaming