Sunstone Merkabah

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Sunstone Merkabah, hand carved in India.

Approx. 1"

Your Sunstone Merkabah(s) will be chosen for you intuitively. 

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Merkabah / Merkaba Sacred Geometric Form:

Mer - Light

Ka - Spirit

Ba - Body

  • An ancient symbol of Sacred Geometry made up of two interlocking  tetrahedrons, spinning in opposite directions.
  • Representing the duality of existence, balance & harmony uniting as one form.
  • Name, Merkabah, is Hebrew, meaning Chariot, Vessel, to ride.
  • The Merkabah is a mystical vehicle for ascension. 💫
  • Meditating with the Merkabah offers protection while activating the light body to explore consciousness.



  • Bright, fiery, warming, solar energy
  • Fearlessness, freedom, power
  • Abundance, good fortune
  • Strength & protection from external forces of destruction, as well as self-sabotaging patterns
  • Represents & emulates golden white healing light of the Sun

Chakras: Solar Plexus 3rd & Sacral Chakra 2nd