Scarlet Temple Pink Lemurian Quartz Crystal - 84

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Natural Scarlet Temple Pink Lemurian Quartz crystal from Brazil. A new pocket of these Lemurian Quartz crystals with red Hematite / iron oxide coating were discovered in June of 2022.

4 1/2" x 2"


Scarlet Temple Pink Lemurian Quartz

  • New find from Minas Gerais, Brazil
  • Natural coating of Hematite / Iron oxide creating the scarlet/pink colour
  • Balancing Yin/Yang, Divine Feminine/ Divine Masculine
  • Enhances/stimulates flow of energy, vitality, life-force
  • Clearing the way, removing obstacles on highest path
  • Honouring the Inner Temple & Connecting with Your Roots:
  • Gaining strength and wisdom from ancestral and cosmic origins
  • Remembering cosmic & soul connections beyond


    Lemurian Quartz / Lemurian Seed

    High vibration Quartz crystals

    • Exhibit horizontal step-ladder lines on the sides of the crystal
    • These lines represent records of information encoded in the Quartz from ancient Lemuria
    • Cleansing and clearing negative energy and thought patterns
    • Spiritual Tool for Self-Healing & Empowerment
    • Drawing in divine healing light
    • Accessing ancient knowledge
    • Remembering your past in Lemuria, Atlantis and Starseed origins
    • Healing and Understanding One’s Past
    • Focuses ones intention and brings clarity to inner visions
    • Crystal Energy tool for accessing higher consciousness

    Chakras: All