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Sapphire Record Keepers - 10 Gram Parcel

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10 gram parcel lots of Sapphire corundum raw crystals with Record Keepers from Madagascar.

Approximately 6-10mm each and 1-3 grams per piece

* Your Sapphires will be chosen for you intuitively. Second photo is example of 10g

* All have Record Keeper triangles. 

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Sapphire Record Keeper

  • Inner vision
  • Records of ancient wisdom
  • Heightened visual awareness
  • Clear organization of thoughts, & mental clarity
  • Synergy of intellect & intuitive insights
  • Clairvoyance
  • Third Eye Activation


Record Keeper Crystal

  • Found in Quartz, Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond crystals, and other minerals
  • Identified by a upward facing natural triangle shape on the face of the crystal
  • Can exhibit many raised triangles, or just one
  • Ancient wisdom has been programmed and stored within the crystalline form