Multi-Colour Tourmaline Necklace

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One of a kind multi-colour Tourmaline and Herkimer Diamond Quartz crystal beaded necklace with a Blue and Green Tourmaline slice pendant, Watermelon Tourmaline slice charm and Green Tourmaline crystal charm with .925 sterling silver clasp and finishings.

22" in length


Pink Tourmaline

  • High vibration healing crystal
  • Emotional cleansing and self-healing
  • Emanates high vibration of love
  • Promotes self-empowerment and inner strength
  • Supports & strengthens heart and emotional body
  • Aids in releasing and healing of trauma

Chakra: Heart 4th

Pink Tourmaline is one of the Birthstones for October.


Green Tourmaline

  • Cleansing, healing, regenerating
  • Aids in self-healing 
  • Connection to nature, tapping into the healing powers of the earth

Chakra: Heart 4th


Watermelon Tourmaline

  • Tourmaline crystal with Green around edge and Pink centre
  • Properties of both Green & Pink Tourmaline
  • Represents joy, enjoying the good things in life
  • Creating a balanced lifestyle
  • Maintaining wellness in all areas of life
  • Empowering and clearing the Heart 4th Chakra

Chakra: Heart 4th


Herkimer Diamond Quartz

  • Found in Herkimer, New York
  • Purifying Spiritual Light
  • Expansion of Awareness & Consciousness
  • Sending & Receiving Energy
  • High Vibration Dissolves Energy Blocks
  • Clarity, Visions, Dreams

Chakras: Third 6th, Crown 7th