Moldavite and Quartz Pendant

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One of a kind handmade crystal and tektite high vibration talisman pendant featuring Moldavite and Quartz. Natural authentic Moldavite from Czech Republic and double terminated Quartz crystal from Pakistan, handmade pendant in 14k gold filled wire. 

Pendant measures approx. 2 1/8" x 3/4"

* Chain sold separately



  • Tektite that formed when a large meteor crashed to earth, 15 million year ago in the Bohemian Plateau, Czech Republic
  • Some Scientists believe Moldavite is earthly rock melted by heat of the meteorite, while some claim that its origin is extraterrestrial
  • Massive Transformation of Self
  • Cleansing on all Levels
  • Acceleration of personal evolution
  • Finding one’s highest purpose
  • Intense high frequency, raising one's vibration activating all Chakras 


Double Terminated Quartz Crystal

  • Identified by terminations/apex/point naturally formed on both ends of the crystal
  • Helps raise your vibration, clearing any negative energy
  • Exhibits in other minerals besides Quartz
  • Energy flows outward in either direction and inward in either direction, through both termination points of the crystal
  • Drawing light energy from source through both ends simultaneously and emitting positive light energy from source through both ends of the crystal
  • A constant flow of positive energy is cycling through the crystal, making it a useful tool for Chakra clearing, crystal grids and other energy healing practices
  • These crystals help maintain one’s energy field, and the energy field of a space a grid is applied to, keeping the flow of energy consistent, relinquishing stagnancy and clearing blockages
  • Wearing/holding a double terminated crystal creates a protective shield of positive light energy surrounding oneself