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Lithium Phantom Quartz Double Terminated Bridge Crystal

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Natural, raw Lithium Phantom Quartz crystal with another crystal penetrating the bigger crystal, known as a Bridge crystal, and both are double terminated. Lithium Phantom Quartz crystals are ethically sourced in Brazil.

Approximate Dimensions:

Length: 56mm

Width: 55mm

Thickness: 27mm

You will receive the crystal in the photos.


Lithium Phantom Quartz Crystals

  • Quartz with the inclusion of Lithium resulting in soft pink, mauve, and grey phantoms
  • Deep relaxing, healing and relieving tension from physical and emotional body
  • Relaxes aiding in deep regenerative sleep, rest
  • Aids in soothing depression, anxiety
  • Gently uplifts the soul
  • Powerful healing tool
  • Balancing, calming
  • Helps to relieve depression, anxiety, doubt and fear
  • Instills sense of deep inner peace
  • Helps release repressed emotions
  • Soothes the emotional body

Chakras: Heart 4th, Crown 7th 


 Bridge Quartz Crystal

  • Identified by a smaller crystal penetrating a large crystal
  • Acts as a bridge between the physical self and higher self
  • A tool for facilitating access through bridges/portals/gateways to other dimensional realms and communicating, channelling
  • A tool for Shifting Reality, Quantum jumping, Astral Travel, Astral Projection, Shamanic Journeying and Lucid Dreaming