Lemurian Quartz Crystal - 186

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Natural high grade Lemurian Quartz Window crystal from Santander, Colombia. 

2" x 3/4" 


Lemurian Quartz Crystals

High vibration Quartz crystals

  • Exhibit horizontal step-ladder lines on the sides of the crystal
  • These lines represent records of information encoded in the Quartz from ancient Lemuria
  • Cleansing and clearing negative energy and thought patterns
  • Spiritual Tool for Self-Healing & Empowerment
  • Drawing in divine healing light
  • Accessing ancient knowledge
  • Remembering your past in Lemuria, Atlantis and Starseed origins
  • Healing and Understanding One’s Past
  • Focuses ones intention and brings clarity to inner visions
  • Crystal Energy tool for accessing higher consciousness

      Window Quartz

      • Identified by a perfect diamond shape between two faces of the Quartz crystal termination
      • A Quartz crystal with a Window is a crystal for personal use
      • The window acts as a way to look within oneself and see oneself clearly from a higher perspective
      • Window Quartz crystals are beneficial for seeing personal situations in one’s life from a higher perspective and gain clarity and insight
      • Personal meditation crystal, hold and consult with window quartz - window helps gain access to internal guidance from higher self free from external  influences and ego desires
      • Gazing into the window can illuminate your true path or aspects relating to your highest path, and help you make decisions based on highest path rather than external influences
      • Working with this crystal, and looking within and gaining the clarity on your true self, helps to stop looking outside oneself or comparing to others
      • This crystal shows you a clear reflection of your true self, and spotlights the illusions and negative patterns in your life and to address them - initiating change, transformation, shift in energy
      • The four sided diamond symbolizes the balance of the elements, direction, physical and spiritual realms
      • Working with the Window Quartz crystal prompts balance, engagement and connection between the physical and spiritual realms
      • This balance and self-reflection strengthens the connection between one’s intuition and one’s understanding, grounding intuitive inner wisdom into one’s daily conscious awareness