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Himalayan Quartz Crystal Shiva Lingam / Cosmic Egg

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Himalayan Clear Quartz Crystal Shiva Lingam / Cosmic Egg hand carved crystal healing tool.

Origin: Himalayan mountain region in India

Approximate Dimensions:

52mm x 32mm

2" x 1 1/4"

You will receive the exact Quartz lingam in the photos.

These clear Quartz Lingams are hand-carved from clear Quartz from the sacred Himalayan mountains.  They carry a high vibration and mystical quality that has a powerful energy, inducing higher states of consciousness.

Lingams (Linga, Shivling) are elongated egg shaped stones, sacred objects that represent the Hindu God Shiva.  In Sanskrit, Ling means symbol. The Lingam is a symbol for Shiva, and all that Shiva represents.

The Lingam later came to represent the masculine phallus but also the divine balance of masculine and feminine energies apparent in all forms. However, originally, the Lingam in Hinduism was a sacred object to symbolize the creative and destructive power of Lord Shiva as well as The Void, The Cosmic Egg, from which All of existence is created. The Lingam form represents the power of natural forces, the atomic structure, energy, and the cosmic universe.

Quartz crystal Lingams (Sphatika-linga) have a high vibration, and activate the Kundalini and all Chakras.

These crystal Lingams are powerful spiritual healing tools for meditation, connecting with higher consciousness, achieving a state of oneness.

Sacred exploration.

Unity consciousness.