Himalayan Clear Quartz Double Terminated With Chlorite

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Himalayan Quartz natural crystal with Chlorite from Tormiq Valley Mine, Skardu, Pakistan. This crystal is double terminated, one termination is elestial.

4" x 1 1/2"


Himalayan Quartz

  • Cleansing, healing
  • Heart-opening, connecting to heart space
  • Self-love
  • Awareness, mindfulness
  • Clarity of dreams and visions
  • Connecting to healing forces of Earth & nature
  • Aids and enhances meditation
  • Unifying self with higher self
  • Universal Oneness
  • Unity consciousness

Chakras: Crown 7th, Heart 4th, All


    Chlorite Quartz

    • Purifying, detoxifying & healing energy
    • Grounds negative energies in the earth
    • Facilitates receiving healing energy from nature
    • Connects with Elementals, Devas, Nature Spirits
    • Cleansing & purifying environment
    • Can be used as an effective smudging tool

    Chakras: Heart 4th, Crown 7th