Hematoid / Golden Healer Quartz - 19

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Natural Hematoid / Golden Healer Quartz polished lens from Brazil. (Top dome is polished with flat bottom).

Measures approx.  1 3/4"

Hematoid, also called Golden Healer, is Quartz with natural inclusions of Iron creating the golden yellow to orange tones.


Golden Healer / Hematoid Quartz

  • High vibration healing crystal
  • Empowering, energizing, warming
  • Enhances inner strength
  • Meditation and spiritual development tool
  • Opens energy fields and auric field, cleansing and strengthening
  • Opens one to state of allowing abundance and receiving & generating healing energy
  • Supporting and guiding self-healing

Chakras: Solar Plexus 3rd, Crown 7th