Faden Quartz Crystal Pendant

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Natural Faden Quartz crystal from Pakistan, wire wrapped pendant in 14k gold fill.

Measures approx. 1 1/2"

* Chain sold separately 


Faden Quartz

  • Faden Quartz contain fluid or gaseous filled chamber(s) that appear as inclusions of white thread-like fibres running along the crystal perpendicular to the terminations, often double termination
  • Represents healing, resilience
  • Strength and growth through adversity
  • Overcoming obstacles, facing fears, staying the course
  • Represents connection, aiding in connecting to higher self, others, the Astral plane, what you intentionally call in
  • Aids in focusing and directing your energy with intention
  • Aligning and holding connection to what you are attracting
  • Represents connection and attunement to another being, and can facilitate energy transfer between you and another
  • Can be used as a tool for Astral travel and exploring other dimensional realms
  • Tool for connecting with the unconscious and subconscious mind in hypnosis, meditation or dream state
  • Opens access to connecting with inner self and subconscious to reprogram old patterns and negative behaviours, beliefs and attitudes that are holding you back from realizing your full potential
  • Can be programmed to attract what you want in life to come to you