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  • Crystal Healing Grid Kit for Raising Your Vibration and Receiving Light Codes

Crystal Healing Grid Kit for Raising Your Vibration and Receiving Light Codes

$144.00 CAD

Crystal healing grid for raising your vibration and receiving light codes of information from universal consciousness.

You will receive all of the natural crystals in the photos and the 10" diameter pine wood circle, and information cards on the each crystal type.


Light Codes Receiver & Activation Crystal Grid Includes:

37 crystals in total

Tibetan Quartz clear double terminated crystal 

Herkimer Diamond Quartz crystal from NY, USA

Faden Quartz crystals from Pakistan x3

Scolecite crystals from India x2

Quartz double terminated crystals from Chilliwack, BC, Canada x2

Lemurian Quartz crystals from Columbia x28

10" diameter pine wood circle

* You will receive the exact crystals in the photos


Energy & Intentions for This Grid:

Light Codes are sacred codes of creation embedded in all geometric patterns that make up the nature of the Universe and are emitted as light code transmissions. 

You have your own set of light codes that are transmitted through your energetic frequency. 

We are transmitters and receivers.

We transmit our energetic frequency and attract and receive resonant frequencies.

We can receive light codes from higher multidimensional realms and from the cosmos. Encoded with healing energy, blueprints of creation, knowledge and teachings from higher consciousness. With the aid of crystal healing tools we can raise our vibration and receive light codes, download and integrate them into our physical beings.

Set up the crystal grid and sit with it in meditation to begin receiving light frequency transmissions. Light codes can appear as symbols, patterns, repetitive numbers, words, sounds, colours, lights, sensory feelings, geometric shapes, crystalline shapes, golden light and more.

Light codes will activate your innate gifts, raise your vibration, open channels to connect and communicate with guides and light beings. Light codes can activate our innate healing energies within.


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