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Crystal Energy Grid Kit For Inner Vision, Receiving Light Codes

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Crystal Energy Grid Kit For Inner Vision, establishing a bridge to Higher Consciousness, Activating the Third Eye and receiving Light Codes.

The Pineal Gland, known as the Third Eye or 6th Chakra is a powerful link between our physical selves and the spiritual world. Activating the Third Eye establishes channels to higher realms and allows one to access visionary states of awareness beyond 3d physical reality. When the Third Eye is open and activated, you can experience heightened dream states, lucid dreaming, increased creativity and visualization, and a greater sense of connection. 

Opening and activating your Third Eye Chakra raises your vibrational frequency, initiating the ascension process, and opening higher channels of communication and receiving light codes.


Intentions for This Grid:

Opening and activating the Pineal Gland, Third Eye Chakra

Increasing inner vision, visionary perception, intuition, dreams, clairvoyance

Assisting in spiritual journeys, astral travel

Raises your vibrational frequency accessing higher self

▵ Bridge to higher consciousness and higher realms

Strengthens power of inner guidance system, activating intuition and higher awareness of intuition


Crystal Grid Includes:

1 Celestite/Celestine crystal cluster from Madagascar

3 Blue Kyanite crystals from Brazil

3 Quartz crystals from BC, Canada 

3 Petalite crystals from Brazil

▵ Azurite from Morocco 

▵ 6” diameter pine circle

Information cards on the healing properties of the crystals

* You will receive the exact crystals in the photos