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Crystal Energy Set for Grounding and Earthing

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Crystal Energy set for grounding and Earthing with a Smoky Quartz, Black Tourmaline and Actinolite Phantom Quartz crystal. You will receive the exact crystals in the photos.

I selected these crystals for their synergistic energies for connecting to the Earth, recalibrating your energy to connect with the energy of the Earth and its electrical field. Helping to discharge negativity, release toxins to recharge and centre oneself with balancing Earth energy.


"I am deeply connected, rooted to the Earth through the centre of my being. All unwanted or harmful energies are discharged back into the Earth."


Smoky Quartz

  • Grounding and balancing
  • Connecting spiritual energy to physical, assisting in raising your vibration
  • Protection from outside negative influences
  • Transmutes negative energy
  • Self-preservation, releasing what is not serving you, letting go of past
  • Assists one in manifestation and achieving goals

Chakra: Root 1st


Black Tourmaline

  • Grounding stone
  • Promotes emotional security
  • Protection from negative energy of others
  • Protection from EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies)

Chakra: Root 1st

Forest Crystals

Actinolite Phantom Quartz crystals from Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

Protection, Regenerative, Personal Transformation

Chakras: Root 1st, Heart 4th

Protection from negative energies, raising ones vibration, accessing past wisdom, connecting with spirit guides, elementals and higher consciousness.

Phantom Crystals are catalysts for personal transformation and growth.

These crystals come to you when you are ready to accept and fulfill your purpose.

Work with Forest Crystals as an aid and tool in overcoming obstacles to align with your highest path.

By being more open to life-changing situations and circumstances, you may find yourself experiencing a constant sense of deja vu and synchronicity.

Forest Crystals' magnetic energy attracts people, situations and circumstances to help you move into the next chapter of your life.

You are ready to leave all that is no longer serving you behind, with gratitude for what you've learned.

Now do not look back.

Everything you want is waiting for you.