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Crystal Energy Grid: Grounding & Earthing

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Crystal Energy Grid for Grounding and Earthing.

Crystal Grid Kit Includes:

4 Smoky Quartz crystals from Brazil

1 Black Tourmaline crystal from Namibia

1 Noble Elite Shungite from Russia

4 Laser Quartz crystals from Brazil

6" wood circle for the base of the grid

Information cards on the crystal properties and working with the grid

Cotton drawstring pouch

* Your Crystals will be intuitively chosen for you

Grounding and Earthing crystals for reconnecting to the Earth, recalibrating your energy to connect with the energy of the Earth and its electrical field. Helping to discharge negativity, release toxins to recharge and centre oneself with balancing Earth energy.

Arrange this crystal grid in a sacred space where you can meditate, set your intentions, and ask for guidance.



"I am deeply connected, rooted to the Earth through the centre of my being. All unwanted or harmful energies are discharged back into the Earth."


Smoky Quartz

  • Grounding and balancing
  • Connecting spiritual energy to physical, assisting in raising your vibration
  • Protection from outside negative influences
  • Transmutes negative energy
  • Self-preservation, releasing what is not serving you, letting go of past
  • Assists one in manifestation and achieving goals

Chakra: Root 1st


Black Tourmaline

  • Grounding stone
  • Promotes emotional security
  • Protection from negative energy of others
  • Protection from EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies)

Chakra: Root 1st



  • Grounding, Earthing
  • Cleansing, purifying
  • Detoxifying
  • Filters out energetic toxins
  • EMF protection

Chakras: Root 1st, All


Laser Quartz

  • Personal tool for healers, Lightworkers, Starseeds and all spiritual and energy workers/seekers
  • Naturally formed Laser Quartz crystals were strategically (intentionally) placed in the Earth by other planetary beings created by thought projection to help and expand Earth consciousness and provide the knowledge of self healing abilities
  • Used as healing tools in ancient civilizations that were more spiritually advanced, and vibrated at a higher frequency, existing somewhere between 3d and 5d
  • Ancient civilizations used Quartz crystals as a bridge between dimensions and tools for storing information, communicating telepathically with others, other dimensional and planetary beings as well as the Earth and planetary bodies themselves
  • Etchings and markings on the laser Quartz crystals indicate records from use as tools in ancient healing temples
  • The energy of the laser is powerfully focused through the tapered termination - use this to direct the light energy to clear areas of negativity