Crystal Energy Grid for Manifestation, Abundance, Prosperity

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GreenCrystal Energy Grid for manifestation, abundance, prosperity.


Strengthening and activating Third Chakra Solar Plexus, enhancing self-worth, discipline, confidence and self-promotion to attract prosperity.

Grounding and anchoring in financial success and stability, attracting and maintaining wealth.

Affirmation(s): I am worthy of all the abundance I am attracting and receiving. I am a powerful manifestor. I am wealthy, abundant and successful.

Grid Includes:

  • Uvarovite Garnet from Russia
  • Emerald from Brazil x2
  • Citrine polished crystal from Brazil (natural, unheated)
  • Danburite crystals from Charas, Mexico x2
  • Citrine tumbled stones from Brazil x2 (natural unheated)
  • Rutilated Quartz polished stones from Brazil x2
  • Green Aventurine platonic solid shapes - dodecahedron, icosahedron, octahedron, cube, tetrahedron
  • 6” wood circle grid base
  • cotton drawstring pouch
  • printout on working with the grid and crystal properties

Creating & Activating The Crystal Grid:

✧ These crystals have been cleansed and dedicated for your highest good

✧ Choose a sacred space for your grid where you can meditate, set your intentions, and ask for guidance

✧ Create a clear, focused intention and write it down or use the affirmation/intention stated above

✧ Lay out the crystals on the wood base while holding your intention

✧ As you arrange the crystals in the grid formation you are activating them

✧ Seal the grid by stating your intention or the suggested affirmation/intention written above

✧ The Crystal grid is now dedicated and activated and will hold its programmed intention until you clear it or dismantle the grid

✧ You can sit with the grid in meditation whenever you feel called to

As your energies resonate your vibration raises and so does your awareness of higher energy, enhancing your intuition and connecting with spirit guides

Crystal Properties:

Green Aventurine

  • Self-Healing, love
  • Abundance, prosperity
  • Increasing vitality
  • Connection to nature
  • Heart healing, clearing
  • Joy & Lightness of being

Chakra: Heart 4th


  • Abundance, Prosperity, Manifestation
  • Provides clarity of thought and actions needed to achieve goals
  • Memory enhancement, aids in study/learning new skills and information
  • Increases sense of self-worth, self-esteem & confidence
  • Enhances willpower, creativity & imagination

Chakra: Solar Plexus 3rd


Rutilated Quartz

  • Acceleration of manifesting, abundance, prosperity, success, fulfillment
  • Self - empowerment, self-worth
  • Activates higher mind, providing clarity in action
  • Promotes self-development & personal growth
  • Clears obstacles on highest path

Chakras: Solar Plexus 3, Crown 7th



  • Stone of love and compassion
  • Strengthens relationships
  • Prosperity & Abundance
  • Promotes cellular regeneration
  • Heals imbalances, head injury,
  • Promotes recovery from trauma
  • Forgiveness allowing deep healing, self-healing
  • Unconditional love and abundance from the universe
  • Healing physical life force, regenerating on a cellular level
  • Healing from energetic disturbances, EMFs, neurotic dysfunction due to concussions, infections, hormonal imbalance, chemical sensitivities

Chakra: Heart 4th

Emerald is the birthstone for May.


Uvarovite Green Garnet

  • Natural Healing
  • Enhances Confidence
  • Prosperity & Abundance
  • Healing & Releasing Past Traumas

Chakra(s): Heart 4th and Root 1st


  • High vibrational energy
  • Awakens spiritual awareness
  • Connects to higher consciousness
  • Enhances dreams and receiving messages in dreams
  • Astral Travel, exploring astral realms & Higher Consciousness
  • Assists in achieving goals and aligning with highest purpose

Chakras: Crown 7th, Heart 4th


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