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Crystal Energy Grid for Transformation

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Crystal Energy Grid for Transformation & Grounding Higher Vibrational Frequencies

Crystal Grid Kit Includes:

1 Lemurian Seed Quartz crystal from Brazil

1 Smoky Elestial Quartz crystal from Brazil

3 Smoky Quartz crystals from Brazil

2 Forest Crystals - Actinolite Phantom Quartz crystals from Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

2 Black Tourmaline crystals from Brazil

6" wood circle for the base of the grid

Information on the crystal properties and working with the grid

Cotton drawstring pouch

You will receive the exact crystals in the photos.

All crystals are natural, raw crystals and have been cleansed and blessed.

High vibrational crystals promoting balance and grounding. Protecting and anchoring your high vibration while transmuting anything no longer serving your highest purpose. Opening and connecting to the heart space and connecting heart with the heart of the Earth. Grounding higher vibrational energies and messages into the physical now to integrate and benefit your highest path and spiritual ascension journey. Promoting transformation and raising your vibration and the positively affecting all areas of your life and surroundings.

Creating & Activating The Crystal Grid:

✧ These crystals have been cleansed and dedicated for your highest good

✧ Choose a sacred space for your grid where you can meditate, set your intentions, and ask for guidance

✧ Create a clear, focused intention and write it down or use the affirmation/intention stated above

✧ Lay out the crystals on the wood base while holding your intention

✧ As you arrange the crystals in the grid formation you are activating them

✧ Seal the grid by stating your intention or the suggested affirmation/intention written above

✧ The Crystal grid is now dedicated and activated and will hold its programmed intention until you clear it or dismantle the grid

✧ You can sit with the grid in meditation whenever you feel called to

✧ As your energies resonate your vibration raises and so does your awareness of higher energy, enhancing your intuition and connecting with spirit guides

Smoky Quartz

  • Grounding and balancing
  • Connecting spiritual energy to physical, assisting in raising your vibration
  • Protection from outside negative influences
  • Transmutes negative energy
  • Self-preservation, releasing what is not serving you, letting go of past
  • Assists one in manifestation and achieving goals

Black TourmalineGrounding stone

  • Promotes emotional security
  • Protection from negative energy of others
  • Protection from EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies)

Elestial Quartz

  • Activates higher consciousness and aligning with spirit realms, integrating cosmic knowledge
  • Elestial etchings are stored light codes, cosmic light language and information from higher dimensions
  • Access past lives, and ancestral lines, ancient origins, and cosmic connections, helping to understand your spiritual path and purpose
  • Unlock and access the information stored within the etchings and terminations and download this information into consciousness, receiving cosmic spiritual upgrades as the information raises your vibration and activates your highest self
  • These crystals are tools for remembering and awakening to our mission to further advance the human consciousness and raise our vibrational frequency as a planet
  • Starseeds and Lightworkers are drawn to Elestial crystals to help them remember their mission here on Earth in this timeline

Lemurian Seed Quartz

  • Cleansing and clearing negative energy and thought patterns
  • Spiritual Tool for Self-Healing & Empowerment
  • Drawing in divine healing light
  • Accessing ancient knowledge
  • Remembering your past in Lemuria, Atlantis and Starseed origins
  • Focuses ones intention and brings clarity to inner visions
  • Crystal Energy tool for accessing higher consciousness


Actinolite Phantom Quartz crystals from Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

Protection, Regenerative, Personal Transformation

Protection from negative energies, raising ones vibration, accessing past wisdom, connecting with spirit guides, elementals and higher consciousness.

Phantom Crystals are catalysts for personal transformation and growth.

These crystals come to you when you are ready to accept and fulfill your purpose.

Work with Forest Crystals as an aid and tool in overcoming obstacles to align with your highest path.

By being more open to life-changing situations and circumstances, you may find yourself experiencing a constant sense of deja vu and synchronicity.

Forest Crystals' magnetic energy attracts people, situations and circumstances to help you move into the next chapter of your life.

You are ready to leave all that is no longer serving you behind, with gratitude for what you've learned.

Now do not look back.

Everything you want is waiting for you.