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Crystal Energy Grid: Astral Travel

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Crystal Energy Grid for Astral Travel. A portal to and accessing higher consciousness and exploring higher realms.

Crystal Grid Includes:

1 Quartz pyramid

3 Blue Kyanite polished crystals

1 Faden Quartz crystal

2 Danburite crystals

6" wood base for grid

Cotton drawstring pouch

Information on the healing properties of the crystals and working with the grid

* Your crystals will be chosen for you intuitively


Crystals for opening to higher dimensional realms, accessing spirit guides. Crystals that aid in astral travel, astral projection, astral journeying and lucid dreams. Exploring spiritual and cosmic realms.

Arrange this crystal grid in a sacred space where you can meditate, set your intentions, and ask for guidance.


Affirmation/Intention: "I am a multidimensional being of light. I safely explore the higher realms and bring back messages of higher wisdom."


Clear Quartz

  • Healing on all levels
  • Can be programmed with  intention for healing, manifesting, exploring consciousness
  • Cleansing, positive energy
  • Activates higher consciousness and cosmic awareness
  • Assists in raising one's vibration

Chakras: Crown 7th, clears all Chakras


Blue Kyanite

  • Natural crystal healing tool
  • Communication & Self-Expression
  • Lucid Dreams & Dream Recall
  • Enhances Intuition and psychic abilities
  • A bridge to higher dimensions and astral realms
  • Receiving messages from Spirit Guides
  • Clears and aligns all Chakras
  • Use as a tool for opening, balancing and aligning all Chakras, clearing blockages and moving energy through the body

Chakras: Throat 5th & Third Eye 6th


Faden Quartz

  • Represents connection and attunement to another being, and can facilitate energy transfer between you and another
  • Can be used as a tool for Astral travel and exploring other dimensional realms
  • Tool for connecting with the unconscious and subconscious mind in hypnosis, meditation or dream state
  • Opens access to connecting with inner self and subconscious to reprogram old patterns and negative behaviours, beliefs and attitudes that are holding you back from realizing your full potential
  • Can be programmed to attract what you want in life to come to you
  • In healing, Faden Quartz promotes alignment and homeostasis physically, muscularly, and cellularly

Chakras: Third Eye and Crown



  • High vibrational energy
  • Awakens spiritual awareness
  • Connects to higher consciousness
  • Enhances dreams
  • Assists in achieving goals and aligning with highest purpose

Chakras: Crown 7th, Heart 4th