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Crystal Energy Grid: Ascension & Receiving Light Codes

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Crystal Energy Grid for supporting the Ascension process and for receiving Light Codes.  

Crystal Energy Grid Kit Includes:

 4 Quartz crystals from BC, Canada

 4 Blue Kyanite polished crystal wands from India

 1 Blue Barite crystal from Morocco

▵ 6” wood circle for base of grid

▵ Cotton drawstring pouch

Information cards on the healing properties of the crystals

* You will receive the exact crystals in the photos


Intentions for This Grid:

▵ Connecting to higher consciousness and receiving light codes

▵  Spiritual awakening, activating your higher self and connecting to your higher guides

Assisting in spiritual journeys, astral travel, dream work and meditation

Increasing inner vision, visionary perception, intuition, dreams, clairvoyance

Raising your vibrational frequency


Barite / Baryte

  • Dense, heavy but soft, Barite’s energy provides a sense of stability, comfort, eases anxiety
  • Powerful healing energy
  • Connection to source, all that is
  • Facilitates multidimensional awareness
  • Tool for intuitives & visionaries, aids in dreamwork
  • High Vibration
  • Ascension crystal

Chakras: Crown 7th, Third Eye 6th


Clear Quartz

  • Healing on all levels
  • Can be programmed with  intention for healing, manifesting, exploring consciousness
  • Cleansing, positive energy
  • Activates higher consciousness and cosmic awareness
  • Assists in raising one's vibration

Chakras: Crown 7th, clears all Chakras


Blue Kyanite

  • Natural crystal healing tool
  • Communication & Self-Expression
  • Lucid Dreams & Dream Recall
  • Enhances Intuition and psychic abilities
  • A bridge to higher dimensions and astral realms
  • Receiving messages from Spirit Guides
  • Clears and aligns all Chakras
  • Use as a tool for opening, balancing and aligning all Chakras, clearing blockages and moving energy through the body

Chakras: Throat 5th & Third Eye 6th