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Anxiety and Stress Relieving Crystal Kit: Pink Tourmaline, Lithium Quartz, Lepidolite, Sugilite, Petalite

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Crystal Healing Kit for Anxiety & Stress Relief with all natural high vibration healing crystals.

Pink Tourmaline from Brazil

Double Terminated Lithium Quartz from Brazil

Lepidolite from Brazil

Sugilite from South Africa

Petalite from Brazil

Crystals measure approximately 1.5" - 2.75" in length

*You will receive the exact crystals in the photos.

This Crystal Healing Kit comes in a cotton drawstring pouch with information cards on the healing energies of the crystals.

These crystals are intuitively chosen for their individual energetic properties and the synergy of their energies in combination. These natural minerals contain small traces of Lithium in their elemental makeup. Lithium is known for its tranquil and mood balancing effects.

The subtle energy of Lithium in these crystals provide a deeply relaxing, tranquil energy. A soothing balm to the emotional body, these crystals bring one into a relaxed state of bliss. 

Include these crystals in your self-care practice and as tools for helping to release tension in the body, and stresses and worries from the mind.

There are many ways to work with crystals as tools for self-healing. Here we offer a few suggestions. Follow your intuition and what feels right for you.

- Carry these crystals with you as tools and touchstones

- Hold during times of anxiety, worry, stress while focusing on your breathe

- Keep them by your bed while you sleep to aid in restful sleep and quieting the mind to fall asleep

- Use alongside your other self-care practices for relaxation and in meditation

- Place on Heart Chakra and or hold in hands while lying in Shavasana for releasing anxiety, tension, worry and stress

Pink Tourmaline

  • High vibration healing crystal
  • Emotional cleansing and self-healing
  • Emanates high vibration of love
  • Promotes self-empowerment and inner strength
  • Supports & strengthens heart and emotional body
  • Aids in releasing and healing of trauma

Chakra: Heart 4th


Lithium Phantom Quartz

  • Quartz with the inclusion of Lithium resulting in soft pink, mauve, and grey phantoms
  • Deep relaxing, healing and relieving tension from physical and emotional body
  • Relaxes aiding in deep regenerative sleep, rest
  • Aids in soothing depression, anxiety
  • Gently uplifts the soul
  • Powerful healing tool
  • Balancing, calming
  • Helps to relieve depression, anxiety, doubt and fear
  • Instills sense of deep inner peace
  • Helps release repressed emotions
  • Soothes the emotional body

Chakras: Heart 4th, Crown 7th



  • Deeply relaxing, calming energy
  • Helps balance mood
  • Eases anxiety
  • Emotional release, cleansing, healing
  • Aids in healing from trauma

Chakras: Heart 4th, Crown 7th



  • Spiritual Protection
  • Fills one with light, dispels negativity & fear
  • Protection while travelling
  • Courage to live Highest Purpose
  • Deep healing, releasing
  • Can be used as a tool for removing negative attachments
  • Clearing the emotional body, opening the Crown Chakra to raise spiritual awareness

Chakras: Crown 7th, & Third Eye 6th



  • Naturally contains tiny amounts of Lithium
  • Deep healing and relaxation
  • Communication with spirit realm
  • Receiving spiritual guidance and messages
  • Visions, spirit realm
  • Enhances Psychic Powers
  • Higher Dimensions
  • High Vibration Healing Stone

Chakras: Third Eye 6th, Crown 7th