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Citrine Natural Polished Standing Point - 9

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Natural unheated Citrine crystal with Phantoms polished standing point from Brazil.

1 1/4" x 1 1/8"



  • Natural yellow/golden tone due to iron inclusions
  • Natural Citrine is relatively rare
  • Heat-treated Amethyst is often sold as Citrine
  • Mental clarity
  • Provides clarity of thought and actions needed to achieve goals
  • Memory enhancement, aids in study/learning new skills and information
  • Increases sense of self-worth, self-esteem & confidence
  • Enhances willpower, creativity & imagination

Chakra: Solar Plexus 3rd

Citrine is the Birthstone for November.


Phantom Crystal

  • Crystal exhibits "Phantoms", that show an imprint of the stages of growth of the crystal
  • Exhibits in other minerals besides Quartz
  • Often there are multiple stacks of phantoms of the crystal termination within, showing different stages of the crystal’s growth
  • The Phantom crystal has a record of an experience of multiple lifetimes here on Earth
  • Acts as a crystal of renewal, like a fountain of youth type of energy, as it contains pure information of the Earth before it was polluted by human industry
  • Encourages remembering past lives and retrieving lost information about one’s ancestry
  • Initiate a Theta brainwave meditative or hypnosis state, while holding the Phantom crystal to assist in past life regression and accessing one’s ancient origins and/or cosmic star origins