Black Obsidian Scrying Mirror

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Black Obsidian scrying mirror from Mexico.  The natural reflective quality of Obsidian makes it a powerful divination tool for scrying or gazing. 

5" - 120mm

Your mirror will be chosen for you intuitively.


Scrying, also known as Gazing or Seeing, is a divination tool for revealing hidden messages and visions from the spirit realm, and one's own subconscious.

The Obsidian Mirror is a powerful tool for personal development, shadow work, and reflecting on your current path. Gazing into the reflection of yourself, you can receive visions and messages to answer your deepest questions. Obsidian can reveal to you what isn't working and what changes are necessary for the life you are intentionally creating.


Black Obsidian

  • Grounding, connecting base of spine to heart of the Earth
  • Protection, shielding negative, harmful or unwanted vibrations
  • Energy tool for Shadow work
  • Used for “gazing”, “scrying”, divination tool for revealing the root cause of a situation or ailment, the best course of action, and providing a clear reflection of oneself and what one needs to change to align with highest self & purpose
  • Reflecting, revealing self-limiting beliefs, & aspects of self to change/transform

Chakra: Root 1st