Amethyst Phantom Channeling Crystal from Vera Cruz - 25

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Natural high grade Amethyst Channeling Phantom crystal, from Vera Cruz, Mexico.

Approximate Dimensions: 

Length: 1.54" 39mm

Width: 0.5" 13mm

Depth/Thickness:  0.43" 11mm


    Channeling Quartz Crystal - 7 3

    • Identified by a 7 sided face opposite a triangle face in the termination of the Quartz crystal
    • 7 symbolizes connection to higher self
    • 3 symbolizes creative forces, and manifestation
    • This Quartz crystal formation assists in channeling information from your highest self as well as from spirit guides, higher realms
    • Consciously connect with the astral realms, receive guidance and important teachings, messages for you on your spiritual awakening journey
    • Develop your psychic abilities by working with this crystal as a tool for receiving intuitive messages as well as more subtle messages through heightened sensitivity to energetic frequencies and shifts in energy
    • This crystal, if you are drawn to it may be specifically for you to open a clear channel with your spiritual guides


    Phantom Quartz

    • Crystal exhibits "Phantoms", that show an imprint of the stages of growth of the crystal
    • Exhibits in other minerals besides Quartz
    • Often there are multiple stacks of phantoms of the crystal termination within, showing different stages of the crystal’s growth
    • The Phantom crystal has a record of an experience of multiple lifetimes here on Earth
    • Acts as a crystal of renewal, like a fountain of youth, it contains pure information of the Earth before it was polluted by human industry
    • Encourages remembering past lives and retrieving lost information about one’s ancestry
    • Initiate a meditative or hypnosis state, while holding the Phantom crystal for accessing one’s ancient origins and/or cosmic star origins



    • Protection
    • Promotes relaxation
    • Relieves stress and tension
    • Clears negativity
    • Spiritual Awareness

    Chakra: Crown 7th

    Amethyst is the birthstone for February.