Amethyst Double Terminated Crystals from Vera Cruz - set of 2

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Natural high grade Amethyst double terminated crystals, from Vera Cruz, Mexico.

Set of 2 raw crystals.

Approximate Dimensions: 

Length: 1.4" 36mm

Width: 0.5" 14mm

Depth/Thickness:  0.4" 11mm


Double Terminated Crystals

  • Identified by terminations/apex/point naturally formed on both ends of the crystal
  • Helps raise your vibration, clearing any negative energy
  • Exhibits in other minerals besides Quartz
  • Energy flows outward in either direction and inward in either direction, through both termination points of the crystal
  • Drawing light energy from source through both ends simultaneously and emitting positive light energy from source through both ends of the crystal
  • A constant flow of positive energy is cycling through the crystal, making it a useful tool for Chakra clearing, crystal grids and other energy healing practices
  • These crystals help maintain one’s energy field, and the energy field of a space a grid is applied to, keeping the flow of energy consistent, relinquishing stagnancy and clearing blockages
  • Wearing/holding a double terminated crystal creates a protective shield of positive light energy surrounding oneself



  • Protection
  • Promotes relaxation
  • Relieves stress and tension
  • Clears negativity
  • Spiritual Awareness

Chakra: Crown 7th

Amethyst is the birthstone for February.