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crystal healing quartz




 Crystals are minerals with a regular atomic structure forming a crystalline pattern.  As crystals grow the atoms arrange in the most stable formations possible. Each crystal is made up of a pattern of atoms called a crystal lattice. The crystal lattice is repeated throughout the entire crystal structure until there are no free atoms available. As the availability of free atoms declines the crystal lattice reduces in size forming terminations, crystal points.


Crystal healing is essentially attuning our vibrational frequency to that of a crystal or gem. This facilitates a resonance between our energy and the energy of the crystal. The crystal doesn’t give off its energy to us, what it is able to do is reflect our own energy back at us. A crystal can be used as a tool to work with our own energy and focused intention to gain insight into varying aspects of ourselves. We can use crystals and gemstones to aid in transforming our thoughts, removing blockages and releasing negative patterns that have been preventing us from healing. Crystals and gems have applications in holistic healing, self-development, as well as exploring higher consciousness and higher dimensional realms.







Disclaimer: All contents on this website are from our personal experiences and we cannot guarantee you will have the same experiences.  We are not doctors and are not offering medical advice. Any information on this site should not be used as a replacement for seeking medical attention.

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