"Summer Breeze" Gemstone Neclace

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"Summer Breeze" is a one of a kind handmade necklace with Turquoise, Chrysoprase and Larimar natural gemstone beads with 14k gold fill accent beads, clasp and finishings.

Necklace is 26"

"Summer Breeze" has a cooling, calming energy. promoting cleansing, clarity, communication and flow.



  • Wisdom, truth
  • Communication
  • Healing on all levels
  • Protection
  • Justice, compassion, forgiveness, generosity
  • Wholeness & integration of self

Chakra: Throat 5th


Chrysoprase / Green Chalcedony

  • Attracting love
  • Heart opening, healing
  • Release, overcome fears
  • Forgiveness
  • Strengthen emotions, emotional balance
  • Receptivity, receiving from the Universe
  • Attracting what you desire - love, prosperity, success, growth
  • Connection with nature spirits

Chakras: Heart 4th, Solar Plexus 3rd



  • Cooling, calming
  • Soothes Emotional Body
  • Communication
  • Self - Healing

Chakra: Throat 5th