Morganite and Rhodochrosite Crystal Pendant

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Natural raw Morganite and Rhodochrosite crystals handmade pendant in 14k gold filled wire.

Pendant measures approx. 2" x 5/8"

*Chain sold separately


Morganite - Pink Beryl

  • Stone of Compassion, instills the practice of acting from the Heart with love for self and all
  • Heart opening
  • Activates the Heart Chakra, in order to cleanse stagnant energies
  • Releases old emotional wounds and traumas Emotional self-healing
  • Strengthening and balancing loving relationships, allowing for growth and equality

Chakra: Heart 4th



  • Self-Healing, emotional healing
  • Heals past trauma and childhood wounds
  • Releases blockages to allow healing
  • Inner child healing