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  • Laser Wand Quartz Crystal Healing Tool
  • Laser Wand Quartz Crystal Healing Tool
  • Laser Wand Quartz Crystal Healing Tool
  • Laser Wand Quartz Crystal Healing Tool
  • Laser Wand Quartz Crystal Healing Tool

Laser Wand Quartz Crystal Healing Tool

$44.00 CAD

Powerful long, thin Clear Quartz crystal wand with Elestial terminations on tip, and natural etchings of code on all faces. This laser wand Quartz crystal is from Diamantina, Brazil and is natural, unpolished.

You will receive the crystal in the photo.

Approximate Dimensions:

Length: 94mm

Width: 15mm

Depth: 11mm

Weight: 19.89g




  • Identified by an all natural tapered crystal wand, raw unpolished with termination.
  • Ultimate crystal healing tool.
  • Personal tool for healers, Lightworkers, Starseeds and all spiritual and energy workers/seekers.
  • Naturally formed Laser Wand Quartz crystals were strategically (intentionally) placed in the Earth by other planetary beings created by thought projection to help and expand Earth consciousness and provide the knowledge of self healing abilities.
  • Laser wand, naturally tapered Quartz crystals were used as healing tools in ancient civilization that were more spiritually advanced, and vibrated at a higher frequency, existing somewhere between 3d and 5d.
  • Ancient civilizations used Quartz crystals as a bridge between dimensions and tools for storing information, communicating telepathically with others, other dimensional and planetary beings as well as the Earth and planetary bodies themselves.
  • Holding a laser Quartz crystal, light energy surrounds oneself, providing a protective shield.
  • Etchings and markings on the laser Quartz crystals indicate records from use as tools in the healing temples of Lemuria.
  • The energy of the laser is powerfully focused through the tapered termination - use this to direct the light energy to clear areas of negativity.
  • Direct the  light energy through the crystal laser wand like a light beam of healing energy directed at blockages in one’s aura, stagnant Chakras, and to send energy to areas of the body to clear physical ailments.
  • The light beams emitted form the laser Quartz crystal can be used for psychic surgery : removing attachments, habits, addictions, negative patterns and thoughts, debilitating and limiting beliefs.
  • The person must be willing to release - any resistance will block the lasers effectiveness and bounce the light energy back through the laser to source


  • The etchings are symbols naturally formed on the surfaces of crystals are codes of ancient knowledge.
  • Used in ancient healing temples.
  • Facilitates contact and download of information from ancient civilizations.
  • The etchings and symbols bring forth relevant information to the individual at the moment of translation.
  • The individual working with the crystal will access the appropriate information for them at the time allowing them to access healing methodologies from the past that are within one’s skills and understanding.
  • Useful as a personal meditation crystal for accessing guided messages from higher consciousness.
  • Enhances clairsentience (clear seeing), providing the crystal light worker with a sense of knowing and clarity that one did not have prior to working with the etched Quartz.
  • If you are drawn to an etched Quartz crystal you are in harmonic resonance with the crystal and no doubt it has messages for you, as the universe has brought it into your experience for your personal development and ascension.
  • Etched Quartz crystals will provide the guidance for needed for you on your spiritual journey fulfilling your highest purpose.
  • Essential etching are maps, blueprints, glyphs, symbols, light language, DNA geometric codes of sacred creation, specific messages, manuals, directions presenting on the crystal surfaces like circuit boards of data.
  • Infinite data potentiality.
  • Etchings and glyphs can also be lightcodes, tones, sound frequencies.

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