"Emerald Rose" Crystal Energy Grid for Higher Heart Activation

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"Emerald Rose" Crystal Energy Healing Grid for higher heart opening and activation. 


Strength, empowerment, abundance.

Healing past traumas, enhancing self-worth, love and acceptance.

Promoting calm strength and resilience for highly sensitive people and empaths. Attracts beauty, love and harmony.

Affirmation(s): My higher heart temple is open and activated. I am strong, resilient and powerful. I attract abundance and all that is meant for my highest purpose.


This crystal grid includes:

Emerald from Brazil x2

Dioptase from Kazakhstan 

Rose Quartz from Madagascar x4

Kunzite crystals from Afghanistan x4

Rhodochrosite crystal from China

Lemurian Quartz crystals from Colombia x4

6" wood circle for base of grid

Cotton drawstring pouch

Printout of how to work with the crystal grid and the crystal properties


Creating & Activating The Crystal Grid:

✧ These crystals have been cleansed and dedicated for your highest good

✧ Choose a sacred space for your grid where you can meditate, set your intentions, and ask for guidance

✧ Create a clear, focused intention and write it down or use the affirmation/intention stated above

✧ Lay out the crystals on the wood base while holding your intention

✧ As you arrange the crystals in the grid formation you are activating them

✧ Seal the grid by stating your intention or the suggested affirmation/intention

✧ The Crystal grid is now dedicated and activated and will hold its programmed intention until you clear it or dismantle the grid

✧ You can sit with the grid in meditation whenever you feel called to

✧ As your energy resonates with the grid, your vibration raises and so does your awareness of higher energy, enhancing your intuition and receiving messages


    Crystal Properties:

    Rose Quartz

    • Stone of Love and Self-Love
    • Healing emotional wounds
    • Releasing worries, fears

    Chakra: Heart 4th



    • Stone of love and compassion
    • Strengthens relationships
    • Prosperity & Abundance
    • Promotes cellular regeneration
    • Heals imbalances, head injury,
    • Promotes recovery from trauma
    • Forgiveness allowing deep healing, self-healing
    • Unconditional love and abundance from the universe
    • Healing physical life force, regenerating on a cellular level
    • Healing from energetic disturbances, EMFs, neurotic dysfunction due to concussions, infections, hormonal imbalance, chemical sensitivities

    Chakra: Heart - 4th - Anahata

    Emerald is the birthstone for May.


    • Deeply calming mineral
    • Relieves anxiety, depression
    • Calms nerves
    • Instills inner peace
    • Emotional healing, release and self-love
    • High vibrational heart healing and opening to receiving from universe

    Chakra: Heart 4th



    • Forgiveness of self and others
    • Letting Go
    • Releasing emotions
    • Healing past karma
    • Compassion
    • Abundance, Prosperity

    Chakra: Heart 4th

    Lemurian Quartz Crystals

    High vibration Quartz crystals

    • Identified by the naturally occurring horizontal striations, ladder-like lines on the sides of the crystal
    • These lines represent records of information encoded during the time of ancient Lemuria, lost civilization
    • Cleansing and clearing negative energy & thought patterns
    • Accessing ancient knowledge, catalyzing energetic upgrades and expansion of consciousness
    • Remembering past in Lemuria, Atlantis and Starseed origins
    • Healing and Understanding the past
    • Tool for spiritual, self-healing, meditation, energy work, magick & ritual practices
    • Focuses intention and brings clarity to inner visions
    • Crystal energy tool for accessing higher consciousness and the Astral realms



    • Self-Healing, emotional healing
    • Heals past trauma and childhood wounds
    • Releases blockages to allow healing
    • Inner child healing

    Chakra: Heart (4th)

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