Transmitter & Channeling 737 The Master Quartz Crystals

Transmitter & Channeling 737 The Master Quartz Crystals

While meditating with my Golden Lemurian Trans-Channeling Dow Temple Heart Quartz crystal I was called to go outside and look at the sky.  The dark sky was crystal clear and I stared at the stars in awe, leaning over my balcony, straining my neck to see more of the night sky above. I noticed a cluster of flickering lights. Small clusters of Stars were lighting up for me to see. And with this acknowledgment, the star channel switched on and the transmission flowed through to my consciousness.


Here, I share with you some of what I have received through the transmission and my experience working with Dow, Trans Channelling Quartz crystals as energetic tools.


Connecting to the Star Clusters presenting themselves in your sky, emitting codes, in forms of sacred geometry, crystalline light grids.

Your stars will alight for you. Connecting inner and outer light from source with breath.

Downloading codes through breath.

Illuminating the etheric threads of consciousness, a network that channels the transmissions from a Star Soul Group/Family you are connected with.

As you continue the remembering experience.

As the collective consciousness ascends, you are learning to shed the heavier, denser, beliefs and practices that anchor us to the limited false matrix, and embrace a lighter way of moving through life. on Earth. here now. Awakening the light body that connects to the Crystalline grid network that holds the crystal records from Lemuria and Atlantis. Wield the crystal light tool, activate the crystalline light body and step into your power and role as Conductor. Crystal tools for Sharpening intuition and higher consciousness as transmitter/receiver, and upgrading your sensory perceptions and attention-tuning as a Channeller.


The 737 Trans-Channeling Master Quartz crystal formations have a few different names, and were written about by Katrina Raphael author of Crystal Healing, Melody author of the Love is in The Earth books and Robert Simmons in The Book of Stones. *see references below


73 - Channeling - Initiation Crystal
In the termination of the Quartz crystal there is one seven-sided face directly across from a three-sided triangle face.
Channeling Quartz Crystal
737 - Transmitter - Integration Crystal
In the termination of the Quartz crystal there are two seven-sided faces on either side of a three-sided face.
Transmitter Quartz Crystal
737373 - Trans-Channeling - Dow - Temple Heart Crystal
The termination of the Quartz crystal’s faces are all alternating 7-3-7-3-7-3- sided faces.
Trans-Channeling Quartz CrystalTrans-Channeling Quartz Crystal



The dictionary definition of ‘transmission channels’ is: a path between two nodes. A path over which electrical signals can pass.

The main function of our DNA is the reception and transmission of light and sound. These Master Quartz crystals, with 73 geometries structure organized for receiving and transmitting light and sound energies. These crystals activate the heart brain coherence, increasing our intuitive and psychic capabilities and awareness of divine oneness. In resonating with these crystal tools we activate the innate sacred wisdom in our DNA that is connected to all one, the source of the universe, and enhance our vibrational frequency, increasing our capacities for extra-sensory perception and intuitive abilities. Activating the light body.


The Transmitter, Channeling Quartz crystals are preprogrammed to be a storage device and medium for channeling sacred codes of cosmic universal knowledge. They are energetic tools for conducting energy and connecting with and receiving messages from higher guides and cosmic consciousness.


Pathways, communication channels from Star networks and cosmic consciousness, sacred intelligence beyond the limits of our three dimensional reality, time and space.

Crystal transmit the information and store codes in the crystal lattice geometric structure with the purpose of communicating universal truth through consciousness. Permeating the impermeable in Earth physical. Crystalline - solid light imprinted with codes of ancient wisdom.


We can access innate wisdom, channeling through the Quartz crystal, from within, higher self and from higher realms.

The Master Crystals: Channeling, Transmitter and Trans-Channeling Quartz are messengers and teachers, and come to us as guides in discovering inner worlds, and exploring deeper into the subconscious, as well as acting as direct conduits with higher consciousness and spirit guides.


The Master crystals are energy tools that help to facilitate communication with etheric beings, angels, and guides from higher realms.

Resonating with a Channeling, Transmitter and/or Trans-channeling Quartz Crystal aligns with the highest self, the intuition and the higher heart, raising your vibration and catalyzing transformation, awakening, activation.

When you vibrate higher, all of your senses become heightened. Beware, I need to add a caution in here. Working with the crystals, with focus and intention, can increase your senses, your psychic abilities, sensitivities to energy and your bull-sh*t detector will be on point. Your own negative patterns, beliefs and habits will be called out. Deceptions, including self-deceptions will be uncovered. What you have been avoiding seeing/hearing/knowing/feeling/understanding/acknowledging will come up for you to deal with and clear out, necessary and all in support of your healing journey and ascension. These crystals are tools to help align with what we came here to experience in this timeline on Earth, and we may have karma yet to be healed that we are still working through, or egocentric programs running that are restricting our growth and access to higher knowledge.


The Transmitter, Channeling and Trans-Channeling Quartz crystals essentially are tools to promote an energetic upgrade to your operating system and keys for unlocking gateways to enlightenment.

After some time with any of these Master Quartz crystals, you will notice subtle changes, such as clearer intuition, inner knowing and a lighter sense of being. Once your energy field is resonating and raising your frequency to match the frequency of the crystal, you will see changes in your way of being, how you view and move through the world and how your thoughts and emotions reflect this new higher perspective.

Your reality will start reflecting back to you this higher alignment with source and you will attract people, situations and circumstances that echo and promote your highest purpose.


The Master Quartz crystals are directly connected to the Earth’s crystalline grid and working with them ignites and stabilizes the activation of your light body.


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Dow Master Temple Trans-Channeling Quartz Crystal


Working With The Master Crystals:

7 symbolizes connection to higher self & highest path, inter-dimensional communication
3 symbolizes creative forces, & manifestation

~ The seven sided face is a gateway to revealing inner truth, receiving channeled messages from higher self and soul knowledge
~ The three sided face opposite the seven sided face is where these messages and truths are communicated and expressed, shared with the collective, manifested into being



Channelling / Initiation Quartz - 7 3

Identified by a 7 sided face opposite a triangle face in the termination of the Quartz crystal.

This Quartz crystal formation assists in channeling information from your highest self as well as from spirit guides & higher realms.

  • Consciously connect with higher self, and spirit guides, receive guidance and important teachings, messages for you on your spiritual awakening journey
  • Providing clarity on your highest path, guidance and support on your healing journey and facilitating activation of higher awareness and intuitive abilities
  • Clear connection and communication with your highest self, and with source, understanding your path and what your heart wants
  • Develop your psychic abilities by working with this crystal as a tool for receiving intuitive messages as well as more subtle messages through heightened sensitivity to energetic frequencies and shifts in energy
  • This crystal, if you are drawn to it may be specifically for you to open a clear channel to your own highest wisdom, the ultimate source of knowledge within yourself



~ Initiate your preparatory methods for meditation/energy work, cleanse and clear your space and body

~ Sit comfortably and begin by centring yourself, calming your energetic state, focus on your breathing and take long slow breaths

~ Hold Channeling Quartz crystal in left hand (receiving hand) and dedicate your practice to the highest good of all

~ Place 7 sided face of the crystal to your third eye, brow centre, and/or hold the crystal in both hands with your thumbs resting on the 7 sided face of the crystal

~ Attune to the energy and open to receive the channel

~ Allow your awareness to be present and receptive and notice any signs, symbols, messages coming through

~ The messages may be subtle and not immediately present or confirmed until some time after the channeling

~ For example, you may start noticing number sequences, symbols, experience a sense of deja-vu, time inconsistencies and synchronicities as well as a heightened sense of intuition or inner knowing in the days after attuning to the energy of Channeling crystals as well as Transmitter and Trans-channeling quartz


Transmitter  / Integration Crystal  - 737

Identified by two symmetrical seven sided faces of the Quartz crystal, with a triangle face in-between them.

  • Acts as a telepathic radio transmitter/receiver
  • Integrating higher vibrational frequencies and codes for raising the collective consciousness
  • Energetic communication device connected with the astral realms
  • Attune to this crystal and receive specific information integrate the messages
  • Assists in developing psychic abilities and communicating information you are transmitting and receiving through energetic frequency
  • These crystals are preprogrammed, encoded and connected with the crystalline grid and higher consciousness to provide Energetic Frequency Transmissions - activating the light body, supporting healing, spiritual awakening, ascension
  • Integrating the messages downloaded helping to share and communicate the knowledge you’ve received with the collective
  • Raising your vibrational frequency in order to effectively transmit these messages to reach and help others here on Earth



You can consult the crystal to connect with your highest self and/or higher guides and ask for an answer, sign or direction in response to your queries.

You can project thought forms through the crystal to aid in manifesting and attracting your desired reality.

~ Initiate your preparatory methods for meditation/energy work, cleanse and clear your space and body

~ Sit comfortably and begin by centring yourself, calming your energetic state, focus on your breathing and take long slow breaths

~ Holding the Transmitter Quartz crystal in your left hand dedicate your practice to the highest good of all

~ Focus on your question and intention and once it is clear in your mind’s eye, ask your question directly into the crystal through the three sided face of the crystal

~ Holding the crystal in both hands, place three sided face to your third-eye, brow centre mentally transmit your thought form and or question into the crystal

~ Place crystal in sacred place, away from other crystals for as long as you feel necessary - feel it out intuitively or set an intention beforehand for the transmission to be ready in a set amount of time ex. 24 hours or overnight

~ When ready to receive, hold the crystal in your left hand, placing three sided face to third eye, brow centre to receive the transmission


Trans-Channelling / Dow Master / Temple Heart Crystal Quartz  - 7 3 7 3 7 3

Rare and powerful configuration of Quartz, where the faces of the termination have 3 7- sided/edged faces, each adjacent to a 3-sided/edged triangular face on both sides 7 3 7 3 7 3.

  • If you are drawn to a Trans-Channeling Quartz crystal, you are graduating to a new stage in your spiritual journey and your calling has to do with channelling messages from higher consciousness
  • Attuning to this crystal will illuminate that which is your service to the Earth, your mission, to raise the vibrational frequency of yourself and others by sharing spiritual and holistic guidance
  • This crystal formation is a personal tool, sacred ally for meditation, and communicating with higher dimensional realms
  • This information will not be consciously understood immediately and will reveal itself to you as you need and the energy aligns



The techniques described above for both Channeling and Transmitter Quartz crystals can al so be used with this crystal as it is both a channeling and transmitting crystal tool.

Another technique to try in working with the Dow Trans-Channeling Quartz is a rotation technique, in which you hold the crystal in both hands and place each crystal face to your third-eye in rotation, making your way around the termination.


Trans-Channeling Dow Master Temple Quartz Crystal



Attune to these Quartz crystals in meditation and energy work, and use as tools to facilitate a deeper exploration within.
Raise your vibration, activate the light body and align with your highest purpose.
If you find yourself attracted to a Master Crystal you are ready for change and transformation.


With Gratitude,




Crystal Healing, Katrina Raphael

Love Is In The Earth: A Kaleidoscope of Crystals, Melody

The Book of Stones, Robert Simmons & Naisha Ahsian









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