The Gateway Visualization & Meditation

The Gateway Visualization & Meditation

▵ The Gateway 


Standing in the centre of the gateway, between two columns surrounded by light.

Standing in your strength and courage in your ability to take action toward attainment of your highest goals.

You are in alignment with your purpose and moving forward on your highest path, to realizing your dreams.


Call upon the Gateway when you are ready for the next chapter in the story of your spiritual awakening journey. When your goal is crystal clear and you can hold the vision in your mind’s eye. When you are determined, willing to face and overcome all doubts, fears, obstacles and challenges which will surely arise along your way, with fortitude and resolve.


The Gateway is accessible to you whenever you are ready. When you have done the inner work and have a clear focused intention. When you are in alignment with your highest self, willing to accept and take action for your mission and actualize your dreams. When you are in alignment with the feeling, energy and vibration of already having accomplished your dream, already living a life in line with your purpose.


When you are ready and willing,

You can call upon the Gateway and it will appear for you.

Through the Gateway you will discover and receive all the wisdom you require in taking actions towards the full manifestation of your dreams, and you will receive insight into your true highest purpose and mission here at this time.

Entering the Gateway, your path becomes crystal clear, and the plans, actions and steps needed for you to take are revealed to you.


Your higher self and spirit guides will meet you in this Gateway and show you what you need to face within yourself, forgive, heal and let go of.


For some this can be a harsh wake-up call, another “Tower Moment”, or “Dark Night of the Soul”, which can be described as a time of turbulence, everything in your life being challenged, your foundation crumbling, a spiritual crisis and time of great transition. All this is leading to transformation and a new level of spiritual awakening. This happens because you did not have a stable foundation, and areas of your life contradicted your highest self and highest path of service.  Any negative belief patterns, behaviours, and habits will be confronted and it is up to you to do the reprogramming work to change to grow and heal.


Old ways must be abandoned and a new, empowered self will rise from the ashes. The cycle of destruction and creation. Dismantling old ways that were not allowing you the freedom to express your true self and share your gifts with the world. You must confront the belief systems that shaped you that are not serving your highest self. Your path forward is illuminated for you, providing you with the determination, trust, faith and inner knowing of your true Divine self.


In the Gateway you will receive guidance on how to implement this new knowledge and develop a stable foundation in your life. But first you will be guided to accept where you are at now in this moment, and recognize the power you have in creating this moment, the power you have in deciding how you feel in this moment, how you will react in this moment, what you will do in this moment, what you will say/express in this moment. The power lies within you, this moment and every moment of your life. Fully coming into this knowing is extremely humbling, healing and powerful. This forces you to take full responsibility for your life, for your life is not happening to you, you are making it happen.


Approach the Gateway experience with Gratitude, and leave the Gateway in a state of Gratitude. The more you can sustain a state of Gratitude the more your Magnetism is increased, attracting into your field the highest opportunities for abundance, wisdom, joy and love.




  The Gateway Meditation ▵


▵ Sit or stand in a relaxed, comfortable position with your spine straight

▵ Unfocus your gaze or slowly close your eyes, bringing your awareness to your breath

Inhale slowly and deeply through the nose and exhale deeply, fully through the nose

▵ Once you are in a relaxed, open state begin to visualize two large vertical pillars standing before you

▵ Take a step towards the centre of pillars, remaining focused on your breathing

▵ Visualize white or golden light emanating from the pillars and expanding outwards to surround you as well, until you are engulfed in white golden light

▵ Step into the centre of the two pillars, keeping your spine straight, chin up and palms open, facing up

▵ Remain in the centre of the two pillars and continue your deep breathing

▵ You can stay here as long as you feel you need to or 15 min is a good amount of time to begin with

▵ While in the centre of the Gateway you can ask questions*, call upon your guides*, set intentions for what you want to manifest*, or stay silent but open to receiving what needs to come through for you

▵ When you are ready to leave the Gateway, bring your hands together in the centre of your chest, your Heart centre, slowly open your eyes and express Gratitude to seal the Gateway


▵ You may receive the knowledge and guidance consciously while in the Gateway, or it may take a while for it to process, integrate and come to your awareness at a later time

▵ Trust in the process, and trust in your intuition that you will know what you need to know when you need to know it - when you are ready to accept the guidance and can best use it for highest good - trust in Divine timing


▵ Crystals are tools for aiding in your meditation

▵ You can hold one crystal in each hand, place two crystal pillars in front of you, or create a crystal grid layout on the ground/floor in front of you

▵ Use any crystals you are called to for this meditation

▵ Some of my suggestions are long, slender Quartz crystals, Laser Quartz crystals, Lemurian Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Aquamarine and Tourmaline



  • Think about your questions, and intentions before the meditation and write down focused clear questions and statements. The more focused they are the clearer the wisdom and guidance will be for you.



Crystals, crystal grids, meditation, calling upon and entering the Gateway, are all tools to provide you with guidance, clarity and illumination, helping you to make the choices and decisions for your life moving forward in alignment with your highest path.


With Gratitude,

Kelly Brown



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