Temple of Light Crystal Grid & Meditation to Activate The Crystalline Grid

Temple of Light Crystal Grid & Meditation to Activate The Crystalline Grid

Temple of Light Crystal Grid & Meditation to Activate The Crystalline Grid

T H E   C R Y S T A L L I N E   G R I D
The Crystalline Grid is a geometric energetic lattice that covers the Earth. The Crystalline Grid is a template that reflects all levels of consciousness. within this template contains all potential and is essentially our program for ascension to 5d and up to 12d through further Earth energy shifts and activations.
The Crystalline Grid reflects its light energy, and we can synch up with that energy to download light code transmissions from the template and ascension program.
As a Lightworker, you channel cosmic energy inward through the Crystalline Grid and have the power to direct that light energy outward becoming a beacon of healing light. By activating your alignment with the Crystalline grid you are aiding in the Ascension process and helping to raise the consciousness of Earth.

Temple of Light Crystal Grid

I created this crystal grid as an energetic portal linked to the Earth’s Crystalline Grid. Enter this Temple of Light and allow the rays of crystal light to rain down upon your being and flow through you as you integrate the light and its message.
You are one.
Crystal Grid is made up of:
 Quartz and Barite crystal cluster
 Herkimer Diamond Quartz crystals from Herkimer, NY
 Lithium Phantom Quartz crystals from Brazil
 Danburite crystals from Mexico
 Super 7 from Brazil polished stone cabochons
 Lemurian Seed crystals from Columbia
 Clear Quartz crystals from BC, Canada
By activating the crystal grid you open to higher channels and receive light transmissions through the alignment with the Crystalline Grid template.

Crystal Grid Meditation:

  • Sit comfortably in front of the crystal grid image (on the screen, printed out, or hold the vision of it in your mind’s eye)
  • Focus on your breathing. Breathing into your lower belly or root of you your spine and inhaling all the way up to your crown, top of your head and exhaling all the way down your spine.
  • Gaze softly, slightly unfocused at the crystal grid and try to look beyond or through the crystals in the grid
  • Start at the top with the bigger Quartz cluster, envision it filling with light, and the crystal light is overflowing and raining down on you. The light is crystalline and it sparkles as it envelopes you in light. Allow the light to flow through you as you merge your energy with the energy of the crystalline grid. The portal is now open and you’ve entered, aligning your energy with the crystalline ascension grid. Stay here as long as you need to. Swim in the light energy as your receive the cosmic light code transmissions for ascension. You will download messages on raising your vibration and how to help others who are just starting to awaken.
  • When you feel fully charged and imbued with the light energy, collect this light that surrounds you and is within you and connect it back to your higher heart Chakra at your Thymus, the Chakra energy centre for Forgiveness, Compassion and Divine Love.
✧ You are the anchor, anchoring the Earth’s Crystalline Grid that carries within it Light Codes for activating your DNA and your crystalline body for ascension
You are a beacon of galactic multi-dimensional light and a clear channel of unconditional love
Crystal Blessings, 



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