Telepathy Between Hearts - Crystal Telepathy

Telepathy Between Hearts - Crystal Telepathy



Telepathy Between Hearts - Telepathic Union - A True Heart to Heart

You are a Healer, Lightworker, Starseed and you are here at this time for a reason. You have been preparing for this.

 “Beating hearts united
Journey into your heart
There is a bridge
Cross this bridge and gather with us
In our crystal castles of light”


We are relearning to communicate/commune/gather telepathically through our Heart and Higher Heart Chakra. We use our Heart as a transmitter/receiver.


Channel From My Guides
// Diamond Temple Heart Activation
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Tune Into The Heart Temple
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Transmitter/Receiver //
Diamond Core of Planet
Diamond Core of Heart


For Telepathic Communication and Communing With Others of Your Kind Kin

Access and Go Into The Heart - Through the Diamond -  A Portal in to Bliss Paradise

This is where you meet your true self and can meet and gather with others as etheric crystalline light bodies in 6D.

From this Diamond centre we access by going in to our Hearts, we can communicate telepathically connecting through our heart centre. Our hearts are activated through bliss state awareness, activating the heart centre’s transmitter / receiver.

Sending and receiving crystalline light frequencies from the heart centre.

// Beating Hearts United //


Diamond Temple Heart Activation Exercise

✧ Close your eyes focusing your breath and awareness at your heart Anahata Chakra in the centre of your chest.

✧ Visualize a golden, glowing triangle with no bottom coming down over you

✧ Then visualize another golden glowing open triangle coming up from the Earth over you with the base of the triangle meeting at your heart centre. This is the bridge.

✧ The two triangles meet at the bridge, the threshold between dimensions, and an access point for us to travel through.

✧ In your minds eye create a golden bridge with light rays extending across and through and out from your heart centre in all directions.

✧ An interdimensional bridge of light connecting all dimensional realms in a light transit system powered by consciousness. Transporting our emotions and thoughts through the Ethers.

✧ We can consciously traverse the interdimensional bridge from Earth 3D to 6D, where our galactic families are waiting to welcome us home.

✧ Envision the bridge of light creating unified consciousness throughout the void, all dimensions, all realms of existence.


Working with natural crystals can facilitate the process of telepathic communication, unlocking gateways to higher dimensional realms and Stargates to other star systems.


Crystal Tools for Telepathy

✧ Herkimer Diamond Quartz

✧ Faden Quartz

✧ Elestial Quartz

✧ Celestite

✧ Azurite

✧ Barite

✧ Phenakite

✧ Danburite

✧ Scolecite

✧ Apophyllite

✧ Stilbite

✧ Petalite

✧ Tanzanite

✧ Super 7 Quartz

✧ Cavansite

✧ Bue Kyanite

✧ Dumortierite In Quartz

✧ Blue Tourmaline - Indicolite

✧ Blue Kyanite


Crystal Tools for Accessing Ancient Wisdom

✧ Etched crystals

✧ Crystals with "keys"

✧ Record Keeper Crystals

✧ Elestial Quartz

✧ Lemurian Quartz

✧ Starbrary Quartz

✧ Phantom Crystals

✧ Herkimer Diamond Quartz

✧ Tibetan Quartz

✧ Himalayan Quartz

✧ Tektite

✧ Meteorite



Crystals for Bliss, Inner Paradise, Serenity

Relieving anxiety, worry, fear

✧ Lithium Quartz

✧ Kunzite

✧ Hiddenite

✧ Lepidolite

✧ Amblygonite

✧ Petalite

✧ Sugilite

✧ Pink Tourmaline

✧ Larimar

✧ Aquamarine

✧ Prehnite


With Gratitude,






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