Sugilite Metaphysical & Healing Energy

Sugilite Metaphysical & Healing Energy




Sugilite is a a rare purple to pink/magenta gemstone with a complex mineral composition: KNa2(Fe, Mn, Al)2Li3Si12O30 potassium, sodium, lithium ferric iron silicate. It has a hardness of 6-6.5.

Sugilite is a more recent gem discovery and was first discovered by Ken-Ichi Sugi in Japan in 1944, and named after him. Sugilite was only named and published much later in 1976.

The Sugilite we are familiar with today in the gem market is a bright, saturated violet-to-magenta material from South Africa. Much different looking from the yellow-colourless small crystals first discovered in Japan. The South African lustrous, violet Sugilite are coloured due to naturally occurring manganese impurities.

In 1979, Sugilite was found in large quantities at the Wessels mine in Kuruman district, part of the Northern Cape province of South Africa. The Wessels mine is a manganese mine that began operating in May,1973. Gem quality Sugilite was found by accident when the roof of a shaft caved in during the development of the mine.

The rarest, dark purple translucent material is known as ‘Gel Sugilite’ and is highly valuable.

The Wessels mine is mostly exhausted and mined out, adding to the rarity and expensive price point of Sugilite.

Other names for Sugilite are Royal Azel or Lavulite for the more lavender material, Gel Sugilite for deep purple translucent material, and Wesselite after the Wessels Mine where a lot of the Sugilite in the market was mined.

Sugilite is commonly found with other minerals, Bustamite and Richterite as well as black Manganese.  Bustamite is orange-reddish-brown and Richterite is a deep blue colour, both are often found with Sugilite.


Sugilite gel with light


Metaphysical Energy and Healing Properties of Sugilite


✧ Sugilite has a high vibration and is a powerful healing stone for spiritual awakening, remembering, protection and guidance through ascension and your spiritual journey


✧ Sugilite emanates the “Violet Ray”, Crown Chakra energy. Wearing or holding Sugilite one is flooded with Violet healing light frequency, opening connection to higher self and propelling your spiritual journey


✧ Sugilite is an important stone for spiritual protection. The Violet energy light rays provide a shield of protection from negative entities, fears and worries, protecting you while you explore the higher Spiritual realms


✧ Sugilite helps protect when travelling, shielding from negative thought forms and energy from others


✧ Wearing or keeping Sugilite with you while travelling aligns you with the opportunities, situations, people and places that are in resonance with your highest good, preventing negative interactions


✧ Sugilite helps to raise your vibration and maintain a high vibration, helping you to remain peaceful and calm under any circumstance or under any pressure


✧ Sugilite helps you maintain a high vibration and not be easily affected by lower vibrational energies in your environment


✧ Wearing or carrying Sugilite with you helps protect from taking on the energy of others, and is beneficial for highly sensitive people


✧ The Lithium content in Sugilite is calming, soothing and instills courage and confidence while supporting you in diving deeper into your higher consciousness and Spiritual Ascension process


✧ Keeping Sugilite with you can help you to curb negative reactions, and help you handle triggers with calm composure and inner strength


✧ Sugilite can be used a s a tool for removing negative attachments, and anything that is not serving your highest purpose, including habits, beliefs, patterns






Suggestions For Working with Sugilite


✧ Wear Sugilite or carry with you for protection and maintaining a high vibration


✧ Meditate with Sugilite, use on your altar or sacred space for spiritual awakening, aligning with your highest purpose


✧ Laying on of stones for healing, place Sugilite on Crown Chakra at the top of head



Sugilite & Other Stones


✧ Sugilite with Moldavite for Ascension, transformation, remembering your higher purpose


✧ Sugilite, Tanzanite, Azurite for astral travel, dream work, protection while visiting higher dimensional realms


✧ Sugilite with Kunzite, Lepidolite, Petalite, and/or Lithium Quartz for stress and anxiety relief, soothing and strengthening the nervous system, protecting from influence of negative energies of others or your environment


✧ Sugilite with Scolecite, Amethyst, Stichtite for spiritual protection


✧ Sugilite with Amethyst for clearing the Crown Chakra, and activating spiritual awareness


Heart Healing & Activation Combination:

Self-Empowerment through forgiveness, letting go, strengthening heart connection and opening to unconditional love:

Sugilite, Dioptase, Rhodochrosite, Pink Tourmaline, Kunzite


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