Stone of The Month: Purpurite

Stone Of The Month Purpurite

Stone of The Month for June is Purpurite

Purpurite is named for its deep violet, shimmery purple colour, naturally present due to the elemental breakdown of Purpurite. Purpurite is a manganese iron phosphate mineral. Purpurite’s hardness is only 4.5-5 on the Mohs hardness scale. Purpurite has been found primarily in Brazil, Namibia, Australia, France, USA.


Energetic Properties of Purpurite


Purpurite Reign ~ Recognizing Your Majestic Royal Soverign Self ~ Violet Ray / Violet Flame Activation & Crown Chakra Opening

Purpurite is known as a stone of the purifying Violet Ray and is a Stone of Freedom.

This purple mineral represents personal freedom and breaking through old patterns and self-limitations.

Purpurite is a stone to assist in personal development, self-healing, spiritual exploration and energy work. Purpurite can help protect from unwanted energies that act as barriers, preventing you from breaking free. Purpurite’s energy opens the Crown Chakra and helps to inspire the awareness needed to dissolve self-imposed restrictions, limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging patterns.

Purpurite provides spiritual, psychic protection from any negative or unwanted entities from entering your personal space or influencing your environment and thought patterns.

Meditating with Purpurite or sleeping with it can promote connection to higher realms, opening the Crown Chakra, and meeting your spirit guides, receiving higher insights into your personal power, purpose and path.

Reign. Royal Purple Power.

Initiation to higher spiritual awareness, offering guidance and clarity on your path in this life.

Inspiring us to make necessary changes to daily routine, habits and patterns that are not serving our highest purpose and desire for fulfillment. Initiating new systems that support dreams and are in alignment with highest path. Courage to begin without a clear expectation of result. Trusting self, intuition and instinct, trust you are protected through your adoption of this new challenge, confident in your worth and royal power to take control of your life path.


Work with Purpurite for psychic protection and as a tool for meditation, dream work, astral travel and connecting with the spirit realms.

In meditation, crystal layouts and energy work, place Purpurite on and/or around your Crown Chakra at the top of your head.

Carry with you, grid and place in your home to receive insights, support and nurture the courage to chart your own path, embracing the unknown on your quest for a higher self, without expectations or even a clear concept of what that really looks like.


Are you looking to break through to a higher level of self and identity?


Work with Purpurite for adopting the “Purpurite Reign”, stepping into your power, adjusting your crown and opening to live through your authentic, sovereign royal highest self.


Synergistic Stones With Purpurite:

Combine Purpurite with Lapis Lazuli, Citrine, Rutilated Quartz and/or Golden Healer for manifesting higher level of self, self-empowerment, accessing your spiritual power and courage to break through

Combine Purpurite with Chrysocolla and/or Turquoise communicating with spirit guides, accessing higher guidance

Combine Purpurite with Green Tourmaline, Chlorite Quartz, Actinolite Quartz for spiritual grounding and support for journeying deeper into the unknown, accessing healing guidance from nature

Combine Purpurite with Cuprite for balancing polarities and healing energetic system for harmonic alignment

Combine Purpurite with Danburite and Petalite for dream work, astral travel and communicating with guides

Combine Purpurite with Kunzite, Pink Tourmaline and/or Rhodochrosite for heart opening and inner child work. Opening and connecting the Crown and higher Heart Chakras, healing and releasing past, self-healing and empowerment. 


Other Violet Ray / Violet Flame Minerals












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