Sceptre Quartz Crystals

Sceptre Quartz Crystals
Sceptre Quartz Crystal Formations
A Sceptre/Scepter Quartz is  identified by a crystal rod, with a secondary growth of crystal to full termination, grown over the top of the smaller rod within.
“Sceptre quartzes (American English spelling: Scepter quartzes) are crystals in which a second generation crystal tip grew on top of another quartz crystal. In a typical scepter quartz, the younger tip is larger than the first tip, but it may also be smaller (then sometimes called a "reverse scepter"). To be a scepter quartz, the second-generation quartz crystal must grow parallel to the underlying crystal.” (Mindat- see link in resources below)
Natural Sceptre Quartz crystals are a fire element energy tool, wielding and balancing fire energy. harnessing creative forces and power for directing forces of energy.
These natural power wands, direct energy, and balance, harmonize polarities.
Sceptre Quartz crystals channel high vibrational energy, activating inner leadership, direction, taking action, and act as a catalyst for moving in a new direction.
Regaining your mastery
Remembering your Sacredness
Reconnect with your natural creative forces
Balancing, harmonizing & clearing flow of energy
Reigniting passions, new & old
Unleashing your power
& directing it with the intention
of your highest true will
to attract & create
Sceptre Quartz Crystals
Use a Sceptre Quartz crystal as your ally when you are emerging after an awakening, major transformation, healing, or period of inner work. Sceptre Quartz crystals assist in coming out of “freeze state”, or Hermit phase, emerging after a state of contraction, ready for expansion after a healing or release. These crystals help to recover latent power, activating your gifts, talents, skills and abilities that are unique to your true authentic self.
If you are uncertain of your spiritual and magickal gifts and abilities, ask the Sceptre crystal to show you what they are. 
In meditation, ritual, energy work, or in whatever your personal practice is, you can ask the Sceptre Quartz crystal, “What are my innate gifts that serve my purpose and highest path? What innate skills and abilities do I possess that can assist me on this next phase of my journey?
Listen, listen harder, wait, wait patiently.

You will receive your answers in various ways, usually within a few days or 2 weeks. Pay attention to any compliments you receive or what people say or ask around you. Any synchronicities or repeating objects/words/phrases/songs. Especially anything that you are drawn to notice, calls your attention, and is connected to your childhood, heritage or past passions, something you loved to do in the past or in your childhood. Also pay attention to smells! These are all major signs of answers to your query.

These activations are keys to guide you in discovering your purpose, or new layers of your purpose ~ like the petals of the rose unfurling as you journey through the Labyrinth to the centre of the Rose. ~ let the sceptre guide your way, like a torch’s flame in a dark cave
In energy work and meditation, the Sceptre Quartz activates the heart centre, restructuring energy bodies and meridian lines to rebalance and align in harmony with your highest self, in state of spiritual wholeness and equilibrium.  
If you are called to work with the Sceptre Quartz you are ready to awaken inner leadership and self-mastery.
This crystal is called in / acquired at times of initiation ~ the student becomes the master ~ being called to lead, to step in to your power and open the door to a new path.
A Sceptre crystal is a tool for navigating the use of your power in intentional energy work. It supports opening the heart centre, and showing your vulnerabilities, wherein lies your greatest powers for transformation.
~ Unleashing Your True Inner Power ~ Initiation ~ Embarking on a new journey~
Sceptre Quartz crystals are believed to have been used as tools in Atlantis and Lemuria, in healing ceremonies and spiritual rituals. They were a symbol of the power of their Spiritual realm on Earth. Those who carried or wore the Sceptre Quartz crystal in Atlantis and Lemuria, were in the position of High Priest/Priestess. These crystal tools anchor high frequency light energy from the higher planes into your healing and energy work and bring high vibrational spiritual energy to your rituals, ceremonies, divination, meditation and magickal workings.  

Transmitting Energy With Direction

  • As a healing wand, use to direct energy up through the termination - direct the energy where you want it to go, with your focused intention
  • Direct crystal tip towards your heart centre, this stimulates all of the Chakras and meridians. Hold in both hands at heart centre or move in clockwise direction.
  • Direct crystal tip towards the palms of your hands to activate these energy centres, raising your vibration, activating your healing channels and your power to sense and direct energy. Move in clockwise direction and or point tip straight into centre of your palms.
  • Direct crystal tip towards your Third Eye for activating psychic channels and connection to higher consciousness, higher self and activating inner vision
  • Direct towards the ground through your feet to transmute energy back to the Earth for purification, releasing negativity or unwanted energies
  • Sit in meditation holding crystal in lap or Root Chakra. This crystal has the capacity to hold onto whatever you put in to it, for healing past trauma, restructuring broken/cracked foundations, providing energetic support, safety, security
  • Wear or carry for providing a shield of protection, sealing your aura. Filters out unwanted negative harmful vibrations, energies and thought-forms, and anything of lower vibration that is not in resonance. Acts as a filter so as can to attract the positive, desirable energies while shielding from the negative, unwanted energies
  • Release trapped energies - emotions, thought-forms, judgments, beliefs that are not your truth
  • Clear and release blockages and stimulate flow to release stagnant energy

Ways to Use a Sceptre Quartz Crystal in Energy Work & Healing

Amplifying Energy & Harnessing Light Energy

  • While holding base of crystal pointing tip up towards the sky, drawn down light source energy in through the tip of the crystal, visualize it being filled with golden white light, bring the light into your Crown Chakra and down into your heart centre and all through your body

  • Establishing connection with your highest self

  • You can now point the crystal and direct the light energy through the crystal tip with your intention - powerful for manifestation work

  • You can direct the energy through the tip to activate a crystal grid, altar, healing space, a spell or ritual, another crystal, stone or jewelry

  • You can move the crystal in a clockwise direction around yourself and sacred space - activating and purifying, bringing in positive energy to your healing, energy work, and manifestations

  • Move crystal in clockwise direction over areas of body that require healing activation, stimulating flow of energy

  • Move crystal in counter-clockwise direction to remove, filter out impure energies

  • Always cleanse Sceptre Quartz crystal after *see my article on crystal cleansing


Clearing Negative Energy

  • Move base of Sceptre Quartz crystal in counter-clockwise circle over the area, body or object you are clearing of negative energy and/or hold base onto the area to be cleared, allow the negative energy to absorb into the crystal

  • Place tip of crystal in bowl of purified water or into salt or soil to transmute and release the negative energy


Removing Blockages

  • Scan the base/bottom of the Sceptre crystal over the body, feeling for energy blockages, or use pendulum, intuition or any other method you like to use, to reveal where the blockages are

  • Move Sceptre Quartz crystal in counter-clockwise circle around the energy blockage, and sweep the energy out of the blocked area

  • Place tip of crystal in bowl of purified water or into salt or soil to transmute and release the blockage


More Advanced Energy Work

Sceptre Quartz Crystals can be used for banishing negative attachments, thought-forms, entities, evil eye

  • Cleanse and purify yourself, your space & all your tools

  • Initiate deep breathing and connecting with light source energy, and once your in a higher state you can begin

  • Move crystal in counterclockwise direction while pointing over the area/body/object that needs clearing

  • Energy banished may accumulate within the Sceptre rod and needs to be transmuted back into the Earth through the base and/or released to the light through the tip

  • Transmute, cleanse and purify by moving the crystal through the elements, through a candle flame, cleansed in smoke (incense, cedar, frankincense, sage, or smudge of your preference), rinsed or soaked in water, covered in salt or soil

  • Repeat for three days, cleansing and purifying each time

  • To enhance this working, incorporate with other ritual practices and correspondences. I recommend a spiritual cleansing bath.



Reverse Scepter Quartz Crystal

Reversed Sceptre Quartz Crystals hold the same properties and uses, and further, they return the healing energy to the user and act as an effective filter, filtering shield. Filtering out negative external influences, and shadow projections. Helps in balancing polarities and integrating one’s shadow.

“It can produce a silence interspersed with visions

of the luminous terrain emitted from the crown Chakra.”

Melody, Love is in The Earth


The Sceptre Quartz Crystal is a powerful tool for initiation, spiritual awakening, advancing energy work, in intentionally directing energy. Activating inner self-mastery and unleashing innate powers.


Crystal Blessings,




Love is In The Earth, Melody

The Book Of Stones, Robert Simmons, Naisha Ahsian


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