Samādhi Pink Himalayan Quartz Crystals for Meditation

Samādhi Pink Himalayan Quartz Crystals for Meditation



Pink Himalayan Quartz crystals, also called Samādhi Quartz are collected by hand in the Himalayan mountains of the Kullu Valley region in Himachal Pradesh, India.

These crystals formed over 200 million years ago in the sacred Himalayas and contain within them energetic records of ancient Earth.




Samādhi Pink Himalayan Quartz crystals have a serene, calming, energy that can create a warming sensation in the Heart centre.

The energy of these crystals help to stay positive and centred on love rather than fear, in any challenging situation and when facing adversity.

Samādhi Pink Himalayan Quartz promotes equality and peaceful co-existence between all living beings, and the Earth.

These loving crystals embody Unity consciousness, cosmic consciousness and our Soul connection to each other, the Earth, the celestial bodies, stars and galaxies.


Samādhi is a sanskrit word, representing a state of deep meditation, concentration and the unification of mind. Samādhi is experiencing the state of oneness.



Working with Pink Himalayan Quartz aids in meditation and reaching a higher state of Oneness and connection with all that is.


The energy of Samādhi Quartz helps to open the heart, increasing one's capacity for compassion to heal and forgive others as well as oneself.



  • Keep Pink Himalayan Quartz in a special place in your home to provide a calming, peaceful and warm energetic environment


  • While in seated meditation, hold the crystal or crystal cluster in your hands, place in your lap or in front of you to enhance the meditation and open the heart for healing and connection


  • Keep crystal near you during self-care practices, energy work, healing, or rituals



Samādhi Pink Himalayan Quartz crystals provide a joyful, uplifting energy to any space and are a sacred healing crystal to add to your self-care and meditation practices.


Crystal Blessings,




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